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Best Cloud Gaming Services For Gamers 2022

Whether you are a kid of 90s or a game geek of the 21st century, you can’t deny that playing games have always been fun. However, we lost our touch and might have not been able to keep up with high-end configuration games. But, with Cloud...


Top GIF Maker And Editor For Windows 10, 8, 7

GIFs are the most commonly seen to show gestures or represent a short video clipping. GIF i.e. Graphics Interchange Format supports both static and animated image files. We all have seen GIFs of some kind or other in the past, but they are ...

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7 Best 3D CAD Software for Beginners and Advanced Users

When it comes to choosing a CAD software, there’s only name one name that strikes our mind in the first place and that’s none other than AutoCAD. If you’re a professional engineer or architect then it’s really important to master an...

For Windows 10

How To Set CPU Priority For Applications In Windows 10

In Windows, the apps running on the system are prioritized according to their functions. The CPU assigns every process certain time based on the priority level.  There are a number of CPU priorities set including high or normal for all pro...


Is the Dark Theme Rat Race Really Worth it?

Nowadays, everybody is using dark themes as they are recently made available for most devices and platforms. For smartphone users, a bunch of third-party apps has been providing dark themes on devices for quite some time. You can see the da...

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How to Burn Movie to DVD On Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

While streaming online is the most convenient way to watch movies, but it won’t hurt to have a tangible copy of your favorite movies or videos as a fallback, right? Even today, there are several people who like to keep their movie collect...

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Steps to Configure Active Hours in Windows 10

Nobody likes a sudden PC restart when installing updates, especially when you are working on something important. It could waste your time or delete the unsaved data, which could be crucial sometimes. Do you want to stop it from happening i...


6 Xbox One Tips to Make the Most of Your Gaming Experience

Talking of gaming consoles, if there’s any tough contender to PlayStation 4 then it’s none other than Xbox One. Whether it’s Sony’s PlayStation or Xbox One, both these consoles are capable of taking your gaming experience to a whole...