6 Amazon Echo Settings You Need To Change Now

Amazon Echo, which got the voice-enabled devices by the storm, is now most commonly seen as a part of households. This is also a brand new technology used by small business owners and corporations for meetings. Taking up small tasks such as playing music, controlling the lighting is very general. But did you know that making the most of it is very much possible by tweaking these Amazon Echo Settings? Let’s discuss these in this post below as to use Amazon Echo efficiently.

List Of The Amazon Echo Settings You Must Change Right Now

1. Household profiles

Whether one uses it in the kitchen or generally in home, this is a significant Amazon Echo setting. One must be using the right profiles to make the most of the device. If you are using to make calls to your friends from the help of Amazon Echo, it should be connected to a specific profile. To make changes in the Amazon Echo settings for the profiles, open the Alexa app on your smartphone.
Household profiles

Go to Settings> Account Settings> Recognized voice> Create Voice Profile. As you are shown more screen instructions to speak the phrases aloud, follow them to help Alexa create a profile for you. This can later be saved with your name. One can also check it byasking the Amazon Echo device this question- Alexa who am I? Alexa will then answer it with your name.

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2. Brief mode

Use Amazon Echo to set up with clock or use it to turn on music. While some like to get the response from the Amazon Echo device, some don’t. If you are one of the later, you must learn how to enable the voice responses to go mum. However, it does play a short sound instead of repeating the entire voice command for you to understand the command has been received. Go to the Alexa app on your smartphone and tap on Settings. You will find the Alexa Preference section, go to Voice Responses under this section. Now locate Brief Mode and toggle on the button to turn it on. The voice command response will be changed to a small beep sound.

3. Set up Preferred Music
Set up Preferred Music

Just like you are using the Amazon Echo to play music, one must use a prefered mode. One must have an app installed on your smartphone to play music from the app. Using voice commands to play your favourite tracks all day is something very helpful. Since right after the setup Amazon music is selected as the default music app. If you require to change it to Spotify, Apple music etc., go to the Amazon Echo settings. Go to Settings> Music & Podcasts and link the music streaming service you prefer. Switch to the prefered music service under the Default services. Once you are done, whenever you next say “Alexa play music”, it will use that preferred music service.  

4. Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings

Making changes to the Amazon Echo settings must include having a look at privacy. The most important of all is that You can also try to reset your Amazon Echo device to make the changes and have a fresh start. One must know how to listen to and delete all the Alexa recordings from the Amazon Echo devices.

The recent updates on Amazon Echo settings enable users to delete the recordings automatically. All you will need is to tweak the settings on your Alexa app. Go to the Settings> Alexa Privacy. Hereunder this Privacy section go to Manage your Alexa Data and turn on the toggle switch for Automatically delete recordings. Next, you need to turn off the settings for Amazon using the voice recordings for their internal research. Find these Amazon Echo settings under the Alexa app in the Settings. Under Alexa Privacy> Manage Your Alexa Data> Use Voice Recordings To Improve Amazon Services.

5. Wake Word

Wake Word

There are two methods to change the wake word. It can be done by giving voice commands to the Amazon Alexa devices or by using the Alexa app on your device. Use the voice command – Alexa change the wake word directly speaking to the Amazon Echo device. Thereafter make a selection of the work of your choice.

If you are using the Alexa app, you can go to the Settings. Under the Device settings, you will find your device, select it. Now tap on the Wake Word option and select the prefered choice.

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6. Voice Purchasing

Voice Purchasing

One of the game-changing things which were brought to life with the voice-enabled commands given to the voice assistants. Be it browsing the things you want to purchase online or to make the payments, it is easy with Amazon Echo device. To enable this exercise, one needs to make the changes to the Alexa settings for one-click purchase.

To enable the voice ordering, go to the Alexa app and tap on Settings. Go to Account settings> Voice Purchasing. Here turn on the Purchase by voice. Now set up a voice code so to make it a secure purchase and not to grant everyone using Amazon echo for the same.

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Amazon Echo settings which are really going to help you use it with perfection. Making the most of the voice-controlled device with the intelligent personal assistant Alexa at your service. The change in the privacy settings to keep Amazon from keeping a record of your voice is highly recommended. Other Amazon Echo settings like turning on Brief mode are to make your life hassle-free.

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