How To Use Microsoft Planner To Get Things Done

Things to do today: Get up, survive and go back to bed. 

Well, not every to-do list is that simple, right. Apart from this, there are a handful of things that we need to achieve daily, be it personal or professional. Every day we have a new set of tasks and targets that we need to accomplish. To keep track of all these things, some prefer to make a note or prepare a to-do list or scheduler. Maintaining a to-do list helps an individual to keep track of things and rarely arises a chance where you have to miss the deadline. When you’re working in teams or in a professional setup, especially, Microsoft Planner can prove out to be of great help.

How to Use Microsoft Planner
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So, whether you’ve noticed it or not but Microsoft Planner comes along with Office 365 Suite. With the help of Microsoft Planner, you can easily achieve your tasks, work together in teams, and it helps you to track and organized your tasks effectively. 

Here’s a complete guide on how to use Microsoft Planner, how can this tool help when you’re working in teams to get things done effectively.

Let’s get started. 

Why Should One Use Microsoft Planner?

Why Should One Use Microsoft Planner
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Whether you’re an employee or an employer, Microsoft Planner can equally benefit both entities. On one hand, it can help employees or team members to plan out their day-to-day operations and tasks wisely. Whereas on the other hand, an employer or team leader will also be able to view this list at a glance so that they can streamline the activities of the entire team in an organized way. Microsoft Planner can act as a consolidated space, where you can easily create tasks, prioritize activities and manage other team-related activities without any hassle. 

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How to Use Microsoft Planner?

Consider Microsoft Planner as a to-do app. Using Microsoft Planner is pretty simple and here’s what you need to do for getting started. 

Head on to Microsoft Planner’s official webpage, via this link and then log in to your Microsoft account after hitting the “Sign in” button. 

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Initially, you will see an empty dashboard if you’re using Microsoft Planner for the very first time. Now let’s start our tour by learning how to create a new plan on Microsoft Planner. 

To create a new plan, drag the mouse towards the left sidebar and tap on the “+ New Plan” option. 

Now, define a name how you would like to call your new plan. And then right below this option, you will see two options: Private and Public. Choose the Private option so that your planner sheet is only visible to your team members who you will invite. 

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In each plan, you can create multiple tasks on your to-do list. To create a new task in your plan, tap on the “+Add Task” option.

Here’s when it starts getting interesting. Each time when you’re creating a new task, you see two important options:

Important options

Set Due Date: It’s your deadlines as in when you’re thinking or planning to finish this task.

Assign this Task: With the help of this option, you can create a new task as a team leader or employer and assign it to any other contact. 

That summarizes how to use Microsoft Planner for creating and organizing tasks while working in teams. Isn’t this a fun way to keep track of our day-to-day tasks? 

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Microsoft Planner is a Great Tool While Working from Home

Microsoft Planner
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As the Coronavirus outbreak is all over the place, and most corporates have offered work from home facilities to their employees. So, in this scenario, when your entire team is working remotely from their respective homes, Microsoft Planner can prove out to be of great help in managing things within the team. Microsoft Planner is a powerful project management tool that can help individuals to organize tasks in the most optimal way. 

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So folks, what are your views on Microsoft Planner? Are you looking forward to using this tool along with your fellow teammates? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments box below.

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