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How Do You Recall An Email In Outlook?

Sending emails is quite a usual task. Imagine sending an email to your boss and forgetting to mention important details? What if you send an email to the wrong recipients? Sent an email without attaching a file that you mentioned in the bod...

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Overhaul Your Windows 10 Desktop With These Tricks!

To run any application or open any file, you need to click on its shortcut that activates a process to open what you wish for. It is not magic but simple computer science and the object that make this possible are called ICONS. These little...

Data Recovery

How To Recover Data From Corrupted External Drive?

Did you lose your data due to corrupted external drive? Wondering whether you could get your data back? It is a general misconception that there are chances to recover data from a crashed hard drive but when it comes to recovering data from...

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Google Slides Tips & Tricks To Make Better Presentations

Google launched G Suite in 2006 which included Gmail, Docs, Slides, Drive, and Calendar for business. We use this on our smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices. Due to the seamless accessibility of documents across devices, Docs,...


Nintendo Switch Review – The Most Popular Gaming Console

Things sure looked bleak for Nintendo with the lackluster response to their handheld Wii U back in 2012. But with the introduction of Nintendo Switch, it certainly sparked new life into the once legendary gaming company. Switch is a combina...

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When does Windows 7 Support End?

As for all the operating systems, time for Windows 7 is coming to an end. It is not like the systems with Windows 7 will cease to work after the extended support end date next year, but the support provided will end. End of support is the b...


Steps to Set up Google Alerts for Specific Topics

If you often surf certain websites and want to keep a tab on them to get all the updates, then Google has the solution for it. Google provides a feature of Google Alerts which acts as notification service for certain kinds of news, web cont...

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How To Fix Dell Monitor Not Working?

There can be times when your monitor does not work properly. So this is a pretty common thing which occurs to almost everyone who works on a computer. Here we discuss what to do if your Dell monitor is not working. Let’s start with the qu...