Optimize Gmail With These Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Unbeknownst to a number of users, Gmail has a variety of features that many of us fail to use. In fact, using text-editing options such as bold and italics is also very uncommon while composing emails. Reason?


Emails are supposed to be formal, but responses to queries, instructions, and assigned tasks. That are the reason emails are most commonly used in professional settings instead of personal communications. Speaking of “quick”, how often you have been quick in responding to your boss’s emails or in sending instructions to your subordinates. Agree or not, creating descriptive and informative emails is time-consuming. You can’t afford to commit mistakes or errors, leave out key points, or neglect readability issues while drafting emails. And therefore, due to such attention to details, no matter how quick you want to be, you just can’t.

So, here we are listing out some really handy Gmail keyboard shortcuts that can literally save you time, as well as help you optimize your Gmail usage. It may take a little practice to memorize each one of them, but I guarantee that you’d be using the most frequent ones right away. So, just invest a few minutes in this read, learn these Gmail keyboard shortcuts, and save yourself ample of time you spend on drafting official emails daily.

How to Enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts?

Step 1: Click Settings button and then head to the Settings menu.

Step 2:  In the General tab, scroll down the screen and find Keyboard Shortcuts.

Step 3: Turn On Keyboard shortcuts and click on Save Changes.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts You Can Use to Save Time

Compose Mail
Compose a Fresh Mail c
Add CC Recipient Ctrl+Shift+c
Add BCC Recipient Ctrl+Shift+b
Send Mail Ctrl+Enter
Insert Link Ctrl+k
Insert Link to Text (Select Text) —-> (Ctrl+k)
Reply to a mail r
Reply in a New Window Shift+r
Reply to all in a mail chain a
Reply to all in a mail chain in New Window Shift+a
Save Draft Ctrl+s
Forward a mail f


Search Inbox /
Next Page on Inbox g+n
Previous Page on Inbox g+p
Select all conversations on an Inbox page *+a
Deselect all conversations *+n
Select all read conversations * + r
Select all unread conversations *+u


Jump Actions
Jump to Inbox Page g+i
Jump to Sent Messages g + t
Jump to Starred Conversations g+s
Jump to Drafts g+d
Jump to All Mail g+a
Jump to Labels Section g+l
Jump to All Mail Section g+a


Actions for Selected Conversation
Mark or Select Conversation x
Toggle to Next Conversation j
Toggle to Previous Conversation k
Mute Selected Conversation x —> m
Archive Selected Conversation x —> e
Delete Selected Conversation x —> #
Mark Selected Conversation as Read x —> (Shift+r)
Mark Selected Conversation as Unread x —> (Shift+u)
Mark as Important (x —> +) or (x —> =)
Mark as Not Important x —> –

Note: To mark the conversation you need to press (x). If you wish to mark more than one conversation, toggle up and down using (j) and (k), and then press (x).

Text Formatting in Mail
Bold Ctrl+b
Italics Ctrl+i
Underline Ctrl+u
Left Align Ctrl + Shift + l
Right Align Ctrl + Shift + r
Centre Align Ctrl + Shift + e
Font Change (Next) Ctrl + Shift + 5
Font Change (Previous) Ctrl + Shift + 6
Increase Font Size Ctrl + Shift and +
Decrease Text Size Ctrl + Shift + –
Numbering Ctrl + Shift + 7
Bullets Ctrl + Shift + 8
Quote Text Ctrl + Shift + 9

NOTE: For Mac users, who do not have a Ctrl button on the keyboard may use the Command button to use the shortcut where required.

These are the most useful keyboard shortcuts that come of use on a regular basis when drafting emails. Yes, there are a few that would take a little while to get used to but once you are an expert, you’d be saving at least a half-an-hour of your crucial office timings. And trust me, even 30 minutes is a lot when you have to struggle through the daily pile of work.

By the way, in case you forget any of these shortcuts, type (Shift+?).

So, go ahead, enable keyboard shortcuts on Gmail and start using them. Do let us know how it is changing your routine. If you’ve already been using these Gmail shortcuts, tell us how you’ve profited using them and whether they’ve ever come in handy.

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