Octa-Core Vs Quad-Core: Which Is Better?

Technology got wings once it extended its hands to new gadgets and technology in this decade. Just like the smartphones providing 1 GB storage space was enough, however, people are not satisfied with 256 GB storage space. Similarly, the processors which started with the dual-core processors, which was considered as a luxury at a point in time, has now been regarded as old technology already.

At present, two types of processor, Octa-core processor and Quad-core processor. Do you know the difference? Which one do you consider while buying a smartphone? What does the number of processors mainly indicate? Can it be considered to be the main contributor to the performance of a smartphone? Well, to answer all, we will discuss the difference in Octa-core vs Quad-core processor.

When we all know that smartphones are the personal computers which we can fit into our pockets, the powerful processors help them function at high speed. The faster the functions are implemented, the more popular a product becomes among the users. The base of each product has been solely to perform up to a user’s level of usage. It should be able to fulfill all of the requirements whether the smartphone is used to play games or for video calling.

In this article, we try to talk about the significant difference between these two with the comparison Octa-core vs Quad-core.

What Are Processors?

Before deciding which is better Octa-core or Quad-core, we must understand the purpose of processors. The smartphone processors can be defined as the CPU chip responsible for executing all the functions for commands you give to your device. The number of cores of the CPU which are assigned the work to perform the tasks. Mostly the processor can be judged by the factors namely – cores and clock speed.

Difference Between Quad Core And Octa Core-

Let’s bring to light all of the points which will help you decide the best processor for your smartphone. The main factors will be the battery life, performance, and speed which will help us determine which is better Octa-core or Quad-core.

Quad core processor

As the name suggests, Quad-Core has four cores to implement the tasks assigned to them. In the case of using the phone for a specific function, all of the cores are not used. All of the processor cores can be put to work simultaneously. Each core out of the four will be used to complete a different task which is going to help you increase the performance. The tasks such as browsing through your phone or reading an article on the internet will not require that much of the processor’s work. In such cases, not all of the processors will be used. Whereas, when you are playing high definition videos on your smartphone, all four cores are used.

Octa Core processor

It is true that as you increase the number of cores, it is easier for the processor to function on more massive apps. Therefore, the number of cores which is eight in the case of Octa-core processor, will contribute more to the processing system. But just because it is double the number of Quad-core, it does not mean that performance will be drastically doubled as well. Octa-core is divided into two sets; each set comprises of four cores. Here, the four cores out of the eight are highly powered than the rest of the four cores. It is therefore not necessary that more numbers of cores will always help. The basic usage of the smartphone differs from user to user, and therefore the cores can be busy with different tasks. This is an advantage of the Octa-core over Quad-core.

Wrapping up:

Concluding the article on Octa-core vs Quad-core, we would like to mention that just increasing the number of processors is not the only factor in improving the performance of your device. So clearly an Octa-core processor in a device will not always be better than the device with Quad-core processor. It depends a lot more on the handling of your device along with the types of apps present on it. So in short, you don’t need an Octa-core processor for your device to perform well, but it will help in the performance slightly.

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