How To Solve “NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue’ Error” On Windows 10?

When it comes to graphic cards, NVIDIA is the titan in the market, taking a toll on the giants like Intel’s internal graphics and AMD’s advanced options. However, your plan of enjoying the excellent performance of a high-end NVIDIA graphics card can be ruined when annoying errors like ‘NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue’ on the Windows 10 PC.

We can imagine the irritation it may cause when you are looking forward to a solid gaming session on your favourite laptop only to discover the specific error message hampering your overall experience. Encountering the problem can happen due to several reasons. Some of the most common ones are listed below: 

  • Your system is unable to read the NVIDIA graphics card.
  • Incompatible drivers running on the computer.  
  • Operating on older Windows OS versions

Fortunately, there are several workarounds that you can implement to fix the NVIDIA installer cannot continue error

Top 5 Ways To Fix ‘NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue’ Error’ On Windows 10 (2022)

Keep reading to learn the step-by-step instructions to fix the issue:  

Method 1: Use Device Manager To Uninstall Faulty Graphic Driver

Be it Windows 10 or Windows 11 version, whether home, professional, or basic OS, all of them come with in-built Device Manager. You can use the tool to install drivers manually for all. This approach may not be a good fit for beginners as you need to know where the device manager is and how it works for driver updates. So, it suits best for computer users, who have little PC knowledge.

Step 1– Go to the Start menu button and right-click to find the “Device Manager” option from the popup menu. Click on the same, and you will see a new window appearing with several categories with different devices.

nvidia installer cannot continue error

Step 2- To uninstall the existing graphic driver by right-clicking on the respective driver, which you can find by expanding the Display driver category.

nvidia installer cannot continue error

Step 3- Once you have uninstalled the existing driver, you can restart your PC to implement the changes. Additionally, when your computer restarts, you will find the latest drivers getting installed automatically. 

If you see a yellow exclamation mark next to the graphics driver. It means, the associated driver is still missing. To get your hands on the right driver via manual process, you can head towards the Device manager. Further, you will get the option to manually add a driver update from the computer by choosing the extracted files. 

You need to make sure that all the subfolders are properly checked and accounted for before you upload them for the updated driver. All the files related to the driver will be available with an executable package on the official NVIDIA website, from where you can save it on your computer. Once you have installed the updated driver, reboot the device.

Method 2: Take Help Of Reliable Driver Updater Tool

If you are a beginner computer user and experiencing NVIDIA installer cannot continue error on Windows 10, this is the best approach. Many software options can help you scan, update, and even rollback incompatible drivers. However, Advanced Driver Updater by Systweak Software is the best choice in the market right now.

It automatically creates a restore point for your drivers, and installs the right and most compatible driver versions. Here is how you can use it to fix the NVIDIA installer cannot continue error on Windows 10.

Step 1- Download the software from the button below.

Step 2- Once installed, run the software. Click on the Start Scan Now button to initiate the scanning process for outdated, incompatible, missing, corrupted, damaged drivers on your computer automatically. 

nvidia installer cannot continue error

Step 3- The software will show all the faulty drivers on your computer. Choose the NVIDIA driver and hit on the Update driver button, next to the same. Alternatively, you can click on the Update All button to install the latest drivers in bulk. 

nvidia installer cannot continue error

Once installed with the updated driver, reboot your computer, and you will have NVIDIA drivers up and running.

Method 3: Use Task Manager

Chances are, there are certain NVIDIA component files/processes that have become corrupted, and hence causing the annoying error ‘NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue’ on the Windows 10. If that is the case, you need to remove everything from your computer related to the NVIDIA driver and have a fresh install. This approach suits intermediate computer users as they need to know which processes need to be selected and removed from the Task manager.

Step 1: Open the “Task Manager”. There are many ways to do this.

First, you can use hotkeys by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc or by Ctlr+Alt+Delete and choose the “Task Manager” option. You can even right-click on the taskbar and choose “Task Manager.”

nvidia installer cannot continue error

Step 2: Head towards the “Processes” tab and find all the processes related to NVIDIA. Select relevant entries to NVIDIA processes and click on the “End Task” button to close these processes.

nvidia installer cannot continue error

Step 3: Further, you need to delete all the NVIDIA files from the computer. 

For that, you need to head towards the File Explorer and find NVIDIA program files in the C:/ drive. 

There will be file repositories and program files like C:/Program Files (x86)/NVIDIA Corporation that you can find and remove. Once you delete them, do not forget to reboot the device and have a clean install. 

Method 4: Deactivating Antivirus

An antivirus program on your computer can block the installation of a new driver if it is initiating a sequence of programs or files suspiciously. This approach serves well for advanced users as deactivating the antivirus can lead to cyber-attacks, and an expert can handle such scenarios, if appropriate actions are taken during the deactivation process and after that.

So, here are the steps to deactivate it.

Step 1- For several third-party antivirus programs, you can simply right-click on the antivirus icon and deactivate the software temporarily. For Windows Security, head towards the Start menu and search for the same.

nvidia installer cannot continue error

Under the “Windows Security” header and find and toggle off the Real-time protection option. This will instantly deactivate the protection and you can further install the driver to fix NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error

Method 5: Renaming the NVIDIA Folder

One of the easiest approaches that suit beginners and intermediate computer users is changing the name of the NVIDIA folders in C:/ drive. A lot of users have recommended that renaming the folder has helped them to fix the ‘NVIDIA installer failed’ error on Windows 10. 

Step 1: Open the program files folder in your C;/ storage partition and find and click on the Program Files folder. 

nvidia installer cannot continue error

Step 2: Next, you need to find the folder named as NVIDIA Corporation. Right-click on the same and choose the “Rename” option from the context menu to change the folder’s name. You can also change the name by pressing F2. After changing the name, you need to run the setup again.

nvidia installer cannot continue error

Note: This approach has worked for many novice computer users. However, it may or may not work depending on your NVIDIA driver or files’ type of error. 

You can further try to install an NVIDIA Graphics card on your PC and see if it resolves the ‘NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue’ on the Windows 10 PC.


NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards provide some of the best computing experiences with high-performance GPU capabilities. However, if you don’t have the right driver or running an incompatible driver, you are bound to experience that the NVIDIA installer cannot continue error on Windows 10

Here we discussed several approaches to fix such errors. However, the bottom line is that there is no silver bullet for the NVIDIA Installer Failed error. So, you need to test different approaches until you get desired results. The best approach will be using driver updater software to avoid data loss during the installation of new drivers and ensure that you get the latest and most compatible drivers from authentic and trustworthy sources. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I find the latest NVIDIA drivers? 

You can use driver assistance provided by the PC manufacturer on the official NVIDIA website. Alternatively, you can take help of a Driver Updater Software as well! 

Q2. How can I manually download the driver?

The best way to manually install a driver is by going to the Device Manager, right-clicking on the desired device category, and selecting the option to “Update Driver.”

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