Now Use Your Smartphone To Download PS4 Games

Playing games on Playstation is definitely addictive! But as we’re all aware PS4 games are usually bulky in size and take several hours to download. This becomes an even bigger problem if you have a slow internet connection and could effectively kill your enthusiasm about that game. Fortunately now, you can download PS4 games from your Smartphone irrespective of where you are. For this all you need is a Sony’s official app or a PC.

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Let’s quickly go through the steps of how to download PS4 games with Smartphone or web browser:

How To Download PS4 Games On Your Smartphone

Before proceeding further just keep in mind that this is only applicable for digital games.

Customizing Rest Mode Settings

  1. Open Settings> Power Save Settings>Set Features available in Rest mode.
  2.  Check on “Stay Connected to the Internet”.
    Power Save Settings
  3. Now sign in to the Playstation network to make sure that you’re able to download games on Smartphone as well.

How To Download Games From Phone

  1. First download the Sony’s official Playstation app from Google Play store or App store depending on your device’s compatibility.
  2. Launch the app and login to your Playstation network account.
  3. Tap the play store app icon on the top left side of menu bar.
    sony play store app
  4. Search for any game of your choice in the Playstation store.
  5. Hit the “Add to Cart” button to purchase the game or “Tap on Free Demo” if you would like to opt for a free demo. This will automatically download the game on your PlayStation network.
    download the game on your PlayStation network
  6. To access previously downloaded games tap on “Purchase History” and scroll through the list of games.
    Purchase history sony play store
  7. To view the status of games that are currently being downloaded, tap on “Download Queue”. To stop any current downloading hit the X button.
    Download queue

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How To Download Games From Web Browser

  1. Launch any preferred web browser on your PC and open Sony’s official Playstation website.
  2. Next Sign in to your Playstation network account.
  3. The rest of the process stays pretty much the same. Search for any game on the store and either install it or purchase it to download for free.
  4. Tap on “Download to your PS4” button to begin downloading the associated game on PS4.
    Download to your PS4
  5. Select the down arrow icon from the menu bar, tap on “Download Queue” to view the active downloads or to stop any downloads on the screen.
    Download queue

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The download will begin immediately when as soon as you switch-on your PS4 and it’s connected to the Internet. If you have any other queries feel free to drop us a comment, we’ll get back to you on priority.

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