Top 13 Noise-Canceling Software: Say Goodbye to Background Noise

Nowadays, remote work and virtual collaboration are becoming the norm where maintaining focus is crucial. Whether you’re a professional, a student, or an aspiring YouTuber, background noise can be a major challenge. The constant hum of traffic, chattering colleagues, or even the neighbor’s lawn mower can disrupt your concentration and productivity. This is where noise-canceling software comes to the rescue!

These powerful tools filter out unwanted sounds, allowing you to immerse yourself in your work without distractions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 15 noise-remover software options available for your PC. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

But before we go ahead with the list, let us take a moment and find out what Noise-Cancelation software is and how it works.

What is a Noise Cancellation Software?

Noise-canceling software, also known as noise suppression software is a type of application designed to eliminate or reduce unwanted background noise during audio and video calls, recordings, or while listening to music. These software solutions use advanced algorithms to analyze audio signals in real time and filter out any noise that may interfere with the primary audio source. By effectively suppressing background noise, these applications ensure clearer communication and improved audio quality.

Why Do You Need Noise Canceling Software in the First Place?

Background noise, such as traffic sounds, chatter, or household appliances, can significantly degrade the quality of audio during virtual meetings or recordings. This not only hampers communication but also leads to frustration and decreased productivity. Noise-canceling software addresses this issue by intelligently removing or suppressing background noise, allowing users to maintain clear and uninterrupted communication.

Now that we all are well aware of the concept, let’s start with our list of the top Noise-Canceling software in detail.

Top 13 Noise-Canceling Software in 2024

1. Krisp


Krisp is a go-to solution for removing background noise during your virtual meetings/streaming sessions or business calls. This AI-powered solution is not just highly efficient but also incredibly user-friendly, making it a seamless addition to your toolkit. Krisp works efficiently with a variety of streaming, conferencing, and recording applications that support switching between audio devices, ensuring compatibility across the board.

It utilizes advanced machine learning to distinguish the speaker’s voice in real time via the microphone. Once identified, it quickly eliminates any background noise, leaving only the speaker’s voice crystal clear and uninterrupted.

Key Features –

  • AI-powered Background Noise Cancellation.
  • Two-way Noise Cancellation.
  • Privacy-focused Design.

Download Krisp

2. NoiseGator


NoiseGator is your lightweight companion in the realm of noise-canceling software. Designed with compatibility in mind, this gem seamlessly integrates with apps like Skype, ensuring that your video and voice calls are nothing short of exceptional.

It works based on gates, an ingenious device that simultaneously filters out sounds in real time below a given decibel level and directs sound input to the output of the microphone. This implies that your voice is effectively suppressed against any background noise, such as the buzz of your environment or distant conversations.

Key Features –

  • Lightweight and Free.
  • Simple Functionality.
  • Real-time Noise Suppression.

Download NoiseGator

3. Audacity


Audacity is your versatile audio companion available for both Windows and macOS users. This powerhouse of a tool is not just about recording and editing audio – it’s about transforming your audio files into masterpieces. With Audacity, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re a seasoned audio professional or a novice looking to dip your toes into the world of audio editing, Audacity has got you covered. From recording your latest podcast episode to fine-tuning your music tracks, Audacity provides the tools you need to elevate your audio game.

Key Features –

  • Precise Noise Reduction.
  • Non-destructive Editing.
  • Free and open source.

Download Audacity

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Voice Cleaner by LALAL.AI is truly a game-changer in the world of audio enhancement. As a leading vocal and music source separation services company, LALAL.AI has harnessed the power of AI to revolutionize noise cancellation. It is an innovative artificial intelligence tool that makes it easy to remove unwanted sounds from videos or audio recordings.

With Voice Cleaner, you can get rid of background music, improve vocal records, and record better call quality. Voice Cleaner is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, giving you the flexibility to enhance your audio files anytime, anywhere.

Key Features –

  • AI-powered Stem Separation.
  • High-Quality Audio Output.
  • Multiple File Support.

Download LALAL.AI

5. Ocenaudio


Looking for software to enhance your audio content creation? Look no further than Ocenaudio – the ultimate tool for podcasters and anyone crafting audio content from the comfort of home. It sets itself apart with its user-friendly interface, making recording and editing a breeze.

Unlike other applications that may freeze or crash when dealing with large files, Ocenaudio remains reliable and stable, even with hefty audio projects. It is a go-to choice for audio content creators seeking a seamless and efficient solution.

Key Features –

  • Selection-based Noise Reduction.
  • Real-Time Preview.
  • Batch Processing.

Download Ocenaudio

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6. Noise Blocker

Noise Blocker

Check out Closed Loop Labs’ Noise Blocker – an innovative noise-canceling application designed exclusively for Windows users, ensuring crystal-clear audio during streaming sessions or calls.

It empowers you to preemptively tackle unwanted noise by allowing you to pre-record and define the sounds you want to block during streaming sessions or upcoming ones. It functions like a personalized library, giving you control over the specific noises you want to keep at bay. All you have to do is record examples of the noise you aim to block, and from there, let it handle the rest.

Key Features –

  • Customizable Noise Gate.
  • Real-Time Noise Reduction.
  • Simplicity and Ease of Use.

Download Noise Blocker

7. PinPoint


PinPoint is a revolutionary noise filter by Bose that works tirelessly to eliminate background noises from conference calls on both ends. What sets it apart is its continuous learning mechanism, powered by Bose’s commitment to refining advanced AI through deep neural networks. The app doesn’t care if you’re wearing headphones; it can function flawlessly with any conferencing app.

It elevates noise cancellation by using Bose’s experience in producing high-end noise-canceling headphones. While PinPoint is currently in a closed beta phase, you can be among the first to test its capabilities by joining the waitlist.

Key Features –

  • Machine Learning Powered Noise Reduction.
  • Two-Way Noise Cancellation.
  • Subscription Model for Qualified Bose Devices.

Download PinPoint

8. SoliCall


Solicall is a dedicated noise cancellation application for Windows designed to elevate your phone call experience. Specifically crafted to enhance cloud-based echo cancellation and audio quality during calls, it utilizes two advanced noise reduction technologies: reference-based and profile-based.

Identifying and isolating the speaker’s voice from an audio signal, effectively lowers unwanted noise, ensuring clearer and more focused communication. This innovative noise cancellation software is designed to make the most out of your calls, offering a smooth way to reduce interruptions and improve audio quality.

Key Features –

  • Dual Noise Reduction Technology.
  • Focus on Softphone Integration.
  • Unique ‘PBXMate’ Feature for Call Centers.

Download SoliCall

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Introducing RX10, a standout player in the noise-canceling software field. With its remarkable ability to tackle even the most challenging audio recordings, RX10 has earned a reputation for transforming noisy recordings into pristine, noise-free masterpieces.

It isn’t just any noise removing software – it’s the go-to solution when other tools fall short. Considered the tool of last resort by many, RX10 specializes in solving audio problems that others simply can’t handle. From removing background noise to restoring damaged audio, RX10 is equipped with everything you need to breathe new life into your recordings.

Key Features –

  • Spectral Repair.
  • Advanced Algorithms.
  • Machine Learning-powered Assistance.

Download IZOTOPE RX10



ACCUSONUS is an exceptional noise-reduction tool compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. With its wide selection of noise reduction extensions, it gives you the ability to easily and precisely remove undesired audio flaws from your recordings. Versatility is key with ACCUSONUS plugins, catering to a wide array of vocal recording needs.

Whether you’re working on music production, voiceovers, radio production, podcasts, or any other audio project, ACCUSONUS has you covered. Its Noise Removal plugin is designed to swiftly eliminate annoying background noise from a variety of sources, such as fans, ACs, clocks, and refrigerators.

Key Features –

  • Dialogue Restoration.
  • Intelligent Noise Reduction.
  • Broad Compatibility and Customization.


Noise-Canceling Apps for Smartphones

11. Audio Video Noise Reducer

Audio Video Noise Reducer

The Audio Video Noise Reducer application is your go-to solution for eliminating background noise distractions on both iOS and Android devices. This versatile application empowers you to import various video and audio files with ease, providing a seamless experience for enhancing your content.

Its built-in editing tools allow you to fine-tune your audio and video recordings to perfection. Whether you’re adjusting audio levels, trimming clips, or adding effects, the app offers a range of editing features to elevate your content.

Key Features –

  • Simple background noise reduction methods that even total novices can utilize.
  • The ability of side-by-side comparison of noiseless and original audio replay.

Download Audio Video Noise Reducer on Android and iOS

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12. Denoise


Denoise is a renowned app that removes background noise effortlessly available for iOS. With Denoise, you can effortlessly get rid of background noise and improve audio clarity to produce top-quality output.

You can depend on the app to eliminate background noise from a variety of sources, including voice notes and high-quality recordings because it supports a broad range of file types. Whether you’re capturing a quick note or recording a professional-grade audio clip, it has you covered.

Key Features –

  • Clearly defined, feature-rich tools in an intuitive, user-friendly interface for beginners.
  • Clear, excellent audio output with straightforward background noise reduction.

Download Denoise on iOS

13. Audio Extract Kit

Audio Extract Kit

Want crystal-clear audio? The Audio Extract Kit makes it easy. This program simplifies audio processing, letting you remove background noise with a single click. No more wrestling with complicated settings – just enjoy clear audio in seconds.

And that’s not all! Audio Extra Kit also lets you fine-tune various sound settings for a truly customized experience.

Key Features –

  • Complete artistic freedom with precise manual audio settings at your disposal.
  • A single-click background noise reduction to improve the quality of your audio.

Download Audio Extract Kit on Android and iOS

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Best Noise-Canceling Software You Can Get in 2024

Noise-canceling software has become essential for maintaining focus and productivity. With a wide range of options available, including free noise-canceling software, there’s no excuse for letting background distractions hinder your workflow. Get a trustworthy noise-canceling device now to put an end to distractions.

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