How To Record Screen Without Background Noise On Windows

A screen recording can help you make troubleshooting videos, capture online classes, record gameplays, and do so much more. Regardless of why you are recording your screen, you would want your screen recording to be perfect. However, a screen recording full of background noise is far from perfect. It can hamper your reputation for the simple reason that it isn’t professional and it takes your user’s focus away from the main content.

In this post, we’ll consider some situations and look at ways to record a computer screen without background noise on a Windows computer. Before we dive in let’s have a look at the –

A Few Prerequisites That Can Help Remove Background Noise From Screen Recording

  • If possible, sit and record the screen in a quiet place that has minimal ambient sounds.
  • In case you are using a screen recording utility choose the right audio outputs.
  • Use a decent microphone.

Now, let’s get down to two situations – One, where your aim is to just record your Windows screen without audio, and second, where background noise has accidentally been recorded.

How To Record Screen Without Background Noise

Situation No. 1 – You Want No Audio In Your Screen Recording

There are many screen recording software/ apps available for both Windows. For the purpose of demonstration, we are going to use Advanced Screen Recorder which is one of the best screen recording utilities for Windows.

Step 1 – Download Advanced Screen Recorder and run the installation file.

Step 2 – Launch the app, select the recording mode – Full screen, Select Region or Select Window. Select the region that you want to record as shown in this detailed review. The post also discusses the various features of the screen recorder and how you can use them.

screen recorder

Step 3 – Click on the red colored Record button. Once you do that, select your System Sound and Microphone. In our case, you can click on the dropdown against these options and further click on None for both.

screen recorder windows

Step 4 – Click on Start Recording. Once you are done with recording your screen, click on Stop button and the recording will be saved instantly.

Step 5 – To locate where you have saved the recording, click on Recordings and click on the Open File Location icon. Take note of the path (This will come in handy later).

Best screen recorder

Easily playback the screen recording which is recorded without any sound.

Situation No. 2 – Background Noise Has Appeared In Your Screen Recording

Sometimes background noise is inevitable. Let’s say you are screen recording in a space with frequent traffic sounds. Here, you can use a screen recording utility that lets you remove background noise. Again in this case, we’ll take the example of Advanced Screen Recorder as it has advanced tools to help the users.

It has a Denoiser feature that automatically removes background noise and grains from your audio and video files. Here is how you can remove background noise from your screen recording using Advanced Screen Recorder –

Step 1 – If background noise has crept inside your screen recording, you needn’t use another tool. First, launch Advanced Screen Recorder on your PC and click on the hamburger icon that you can see at the top right corner of the interface and select Denoiser.

Top screen recorder

Step 2 – In the Input media section click on the Browse button and locate your screen recording file. Remember, we’d asked you to take note of the path of your screen recording. You can directly head to the location where you have saved the screen recording and drag and drop it into the interface.

Step 3 – If you wish to save the output i.e. the denoised video/ audio file at another location, you can do so by clicking on the Change button and then choosing a desired output folder.

How to record screen

Step 4 – Once you have done that, click on the Denoise Now button and wait for Advanced Screen Recorder to remove the background noise from your screen recording.

That’s it! You have successfully removed the background noise or any grains from your video recording. Click on the Open folder and you can find your newly saved file in the same folder along with the original file.

Were These Tips Helpful?

Sometimes you can’t avoid background noise in your screen recording but that doesn’t mean that you make terms with it. A screen recording utility like Advanced Screen Recorder can help you easily get rid of unwanted grains and background noise both from your audio and video files.

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