Must Use Software For Architects

What is an architect? Before you say that it is a person that plans and supervises the construction of a building or infrastructural project, we request you to take a flight of fancy with us. Cause for us, Architects are the builders of dreams. It doesn’t matter if due to money restrictions you have to settle for a 1 BHK flat or once you hit the jackpot, you upgrade to a palatial 10-bedroom villa. Architects are the magical elves that convert our dreams of a dwelling and make them into our homes. They do so keeping in mind zillions of city regulations, engineering limitations and of course the budget of their client.

Every person on the field has tools of his trade that make his endeavors easier. Hence, Architects too reap the benefit of having access to the most popular Windows software at their disposal. With these tools, they manage to achieve the impossible in a limited amount of time.

One of the key factors that works in the favor of architects worldwide is the fact that by implementing these tools they can give a glimpse of their creation to their clients. Imagine seeing your dream home on the screen before even the foundation stone is placed. It increases one’s bond towards the house similar to seeing the scan of an unborn child in the womb. A magical yet profound moment.

Best Windows Software for Architects

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 of the most popular Windows software for Architects.

1. SketchUp Pro:


Key Features:  

  • Paid Software: US $ 695. (free to use versions available)
  • System requirements: Windows 10, 8+, 7+

Tweak, twist, and manipulate structures without worrying about surface breakdown. One can push and pull surfaces while turning them into 3D forms. With easy options like stretch, paint, copy, and rotate to make your creations as you like them. With video tutorials ranging from beginner, intermediate, and expert levels, one can easily choose a level according to their skill set. A 3D modeling encyclopedia at its user’s disposal ensures that no queries goes unanswered. Additionally, it also offers its users access to a 3D Warehouse where in one can find 3D models of random items such as sofas, tables, bunk beds etc., to give their project a realistic outlook. Once a creation is completed, it can easily be converted into images such as PDFs, Jpeg images and CAD files. With SketchUp Pro one can turn models into animated walkthroughs while keeping a keen eye out for the details.

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 2. Adobe Photoshop CC:

adobe photoshop

Key Features:  

  • Paid Software: US $ 700 for boxed versions and US $ 120/year
  • System requirements: Windows 10, 8+, 7+

Every creation needs a finishing touch. What better than the tried and trusted adobe photoshop for creating those realistic rendering backgrounds and textures. With its layer option, one can create an atmosphere and further enhance their creation by making it more realistic. Image processing according to a client’s requirements and landscape creation with people, a sky, etc. leads to a novel and beautiful end product. Adobe Photoshop is a key tool in every Architecture Software List.

 3. Autodesk Revit:

autodesk revit

Key Features:

  • Paid Software: US $ 2,250.00/ year
  • System requirements: Windows 10, 8+, 7+

 This software is a class apart from the rest. Focused on the different aspects of engineering and those who dream beyond everyman imagination, Autodesk’s Revit has a little something for everyone. This software is a must have Software for Architects. It offers its users conceptual design tools and features such as architectural elements with which one can easily create windows, stairs and even add intricate details in the designing of additional features such as a backyard pool or a tennis court. Constructability details such as augment design of the intended model help one’s client have better idea of the entire project. Such features can be utilized to virtually create a basement, the parking and even a detailed attic for the house or simply the entire floor plan. Exporting the finished project can be undertaken easily with either 2D images or 3D project views.

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 4. 3D Studio Max:

autodesk 3DS max

Key Features:

  • Paid Software: US $ 1,128.75/year
  • System requirements: Windows 10, 8+, 7+

For those who want to go that extra step to create a life like model of their upcoming creations, 3D Studio Max is just the perfect software for those select few architects. One of the most popular feature of this software is the animation of the 3D rendering which gives the project a lifelike walkthrough. For corporate presentations, this is a highly recommended software as it can easily create efficient 3D views and virtual reality (VR) content in the fastest time possible.

 5. V-Ray:

v ray

Key Features: 

  • Paid Software: US $ 1040/year
  • Software Requirements: An extension. Works on Windows 10, 8+, 7+

For those who want to have the cleanest textures while also using the darkest of darks and brightest whites to create an environment that is probably the most accurate representation of real life specifications of the client V Ray is the Software for you! With features that help enhance the lights, the surfaces created and ensure realistic textures this software takes one’s  architectural design skills to the next level. One of the most key feature of this software is that it works as an extension for Revit and Sketchup. Hence, the final rendered output is the most professional of the lot. Why else would it be one of the most popular windows software for Architects! Try it today!

6. Microstation:


Key Features:  

  • Paid Software: US $ 3000/year
  • Software Requirements: Works on Windows 10, 8+, 7+

A triple treats this one! MicroStation ticks all the check marks in our boxes as the one software to cater to all the needs of an architect. Be it Modeling of a structure to creating the required documentation that needs to be presented to the client in the form of a brochure or a pamphlet or even as the perfect tool for visualization. Software such as MicroStation are unfortunately the underdogs as their potential towards achieving greatness is often overshadowed by more popular software that may not give all the features but are backed by big names. With this software, 2D and 3D designs of all types and scales can be created by professionals. With it, one can create every aspect including the infrastructure of projects.

 7. Chief Architect:

chief architect

Key Features: 

  • Paid Software: US $ 2,795/year
  • Software Requirements: Works on Windows 10, 8+, 7+

Create time-lapse videos of the future construction in video format with the amazing features that the Chief Architect offers its users. Even those who prefer the traditional manner of creating blueprints and not rely on 3D can easily use Chief Architect. It’s just that easy! One of the most important features of this software is that it offers its users the chance to export a 360° panorama rendering of the final outcome. This can be used to share with clients or even works as a key ingredient for advertising purposes.

 8. DesignWorkshop Lite:

design workshp lite

Key Features: 

  • Paid Software: US $ 499/year
  • Software Requirements: Works on Windows 10, 8+, 7+

For clean and straightforward interface creation, Design Workshop Lite is the perfect windows software for architects. This software makes it easy to zoom in or out of the model that has been created. In fact, simple drag and drop in the desired perimeter makes for a better-quality model in the end. by entering the coordinates in a dedicated dialog manually on get the perfect specifications of the entire structure. It features as a must have tool in all the Architecture Software Lists for its easy compatibility and friendly user interface.

 9. Ecodial Advanced Calculation:

ecodial advanced calculation

   Key Features:

  • Free Software.
  • Software Requirements: Works on Windows 10, 8+, 7+

No construction is ever started without the preplanning of the electrical fittings inside the structure. For this purpose, majority of the architects and engineers prefer to use Electrical Calculations. With Ecodial Advanced Calculation software, the users get can calculate the tripping curve display, dissipation and the voltage drop and pick of electricity for individual sockets! Another key feature is that it offers a variety of methods to calculate the power factor correction that is required. For any construction to be considered a success, a key feature is that the electrical circuit needs to be flawless. It needs to be so to prevent accidents and tragedies for which accuracy needs to be a key element. That is exactly what this software offers to its users.

10. AutoCAD:


Key Features:

  • Paid Software: US $ 1680/year
  • Software Requirements: Works on Windows 10, 8+, 7+

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How can a list on the most popular Windows software for architects be complete without AutoCAD? This software is like oxygen for architects and engineers alike. Many a famous architects remember this software from which they started their companies. This software features key features such as a combination of design and documentation. What it means is that one can easily create a room in 3D and details its specification in a document along with it. This lead to greater accuracy. The latest version of this software offers the users improved visuals along with a new flat-design icon. Furthermore, they have also implemented 4K enhancements! Talk about going beyond expectations.

There you have it folks. We hope the above-mentioned software help you in the journey of creating the perfect house for your clients and even yourself. After all, a house is a home filled with love and emotions.


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