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Do you remember this rhyme sentence we used, to learn the names of the planets in our Solar System? With changing pattern of education, we feel that the coming generations will not be using this sentence for memorizing the planets as methods of learning are evolving to become more interactive and smarter.

People can device any number of awesome ways to teach the solar system in schools. May be through different NASA videos of space or by coming up with theatres with 7D or more dimensional builds giving people a real experience of moving in space.

It is always said that children learn from what they see in their primary years of life. Well, how easy it would become to teach solar system if they would see a representative working model of it every day.

The other day we were reading about the Dubai Rotating Towers and it is being said that it would be built by 2020. It would be a great landmark as far as new-age architecture goes. The first its kind and may be the best.

Well, reading about the advancements in the buildings and architecture, we think that soon there would be a township that would be “A Working Representative Model of Solar System”. It seems as a fantasy. During the last decade or so, the patterns of building houses and towers have changed drastically. The simple cuboidal figure has been replaced by many 3D geometrical shapes. And the work on Rotating Towers in Dubai makes us believe that the fantastical structures we have only seen in sci-fi movies till date, is going to become a reality sooner than later.

Basic Layout of Solar System Township

If such a township is actually built, then planning its layout would be the most interesting and challenging task. Let’s have a look at some of the things about the Solar System Township:

  1. Basic Idea: The basic idea is a township in which the building would be of the spherical shape and the layout of the township would depict the solar system. A building representing sun in the center of the township. The 8 big buildings representing the 8 planets and many small buildings representing the dwarf planets and the asteroids.

Each building would have a different functional area of our day to day life as power generation units, homes, offices, schools, colleges, markets, hospitals, cafes, etc.

  1. Outer Look: Well this is the most important thing as this would let us differentiate between the celestial bodies. The outer color and the surface of the buildings would be similar to the color of the planets or celestial objects they are depicting. And there would a ring in the buildings that would be made of electronic display. This display would be continuously displaying the information about the celestial body it is representing.
  2. Striking Feature: Like we said “A Working Representative Model of Solar System”, to achieve this thing other than the Sun building every building would have their own elliptical orbits and they would rotate about its axis and revolve around the Sun in their orbits. Even there would be buildings representing the natural satellites of the planets which would revolve around the planet building.
  1. Critical Feature: There are two critical parts of the design. One is the orbits for revolutionary motion and other is how we would move in and out of the buildings. The former would take the calculations of physics to make it. We have an idea for the later. The entry and exit will be through docks. The dock will be a circular compartment that would be latched to the building and will rotate with the speed of the building. The inner diameter of the dock will be equal to the outer diameter of the building. There would be all around stationary platform on which the docks would be latched when they stop. There will be 2 dock floors one in the lower hemisphere and one in the upper hemisphere. This floor will not have any doors or outer walls. The people in each hemisphere would come to their own dock floors when they have to exit. On the outside also there will be 2 dock platforms. People would have to go to the respective platform depending in which hemisphere they have to go. The functioning would be as below:
  • Entry: For entrance, go to the respective dock platform. Press the button on the floor and the dock would stop rotating. People can then embark on the dock and press the button on the dock floor. The dock would be latched to the building and people can move to the dock floor.
  • Exit: For exit, people would have to go to the dock floor. There they would have to embark on the dock and press the button on the floor. The dock would stop and people can move to dock platform.

Solar System future plans (Systweak))

Functional Plan

Deciding how many buildings would be there in the town and which building would represent which celestial object of solar system and the outer look of it is the challenging part of this plan. The interesting part of the planning is deciding the functional plans of the town. So it goes as below:

  1. Sun- Energy Source: The Sun is the energy and light source for the solar system. So, would be the Sun Building. It would be the Power generation house for the whole town.
  1. Life on all 8 planets: Contradicting the fact but this solar system is on earth and earth has life everywhere on it. The 8 big building symbolizing planets would be the residential complexes of the town.
  1. Moons – The light at night: Well the moons of all the planets would be a building which would have 3 major things Police Stations, Hospitals, Petrol Pumps or Car charging stations and Supermarkets functional whole night. Moons would also have the offices of all kinds private and public both.
  1. Dwarf Planets- Small but Most Important: Some of the small buildings would represent the dwarf planets. Though these buildings would be small in size but would have the most important functional places of the town Schools and Colleges.
  1. Asteroids- The Recreation Zone: These would have the recreation centers like Movie theatres, Games Club, Spa and Saloons, Restaurants, different training centers, some markets and some other offices.

The different structured buildings prove be a great step in the field of constructions. And if this township is constructed then it could be the best example of the application of the Combination of different types of Technology in the constructions. We envy the future children as they would not have to read big size books to learn solar system. Just a walk around the town and the whole solar system is known.

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