Must-Know Features Of The Latest Apple iPadOS

At WWDC 2019, it was announced that the Apple iPad would get a different OS. The need for the iPadOS was explained by stating that now these Apple devices will get more resources according to the usage. Since the iPads are more of professional use and not carried as much as the iPhones, developing a new OS was fair and opened a lot of scope for app developers.

Here, in this post, we have listed some of the important features of Apple iPadOS.

Latest Apple iPadOS features-

1. Multiple Windows on iPadOS

With iPadOS, you get to keep two apps on your screen, which is a similar feature to the split-screen on the latest Android phones. It is made available for the sake of making the iPad more productive for users. For example, you can open the Mail app along with Safari at the same time. Also, one can open several Safari tabs in different windows and view them together on the iPad screen.

Thus, it has a resemblance to the laptop or any desktop feature, where one can open different windows on the screen. Although not all apps will support this feature and one needs to check this for individual apps. Open the app and long-press on it, if it shows the option of:” Show all windows” that means it will work for the feature. Otherwise, it won’t be work; for now, most of the native apps, namely Notes, Mail, Messages, support the feature.

2. External storage support-

External storage support

As there have been some significant changes in the Files app of iOS and iPadOS. Files app lets you view the external storage devices and cards. According to the Apple iPadOS new features, it supports USB drive, SSD card, and external hard drive. While the latest models, the iPad Pros, have the USB port, others can use a connector to join the lightning cable. Apple has released lightning to USB, lightning to SD card reader, and lightning to USB 3 camera cables.

3. Keyboard and mouse support-

Keyboard and mouse support

The use of the mouse and trackpad support will increase the productivity of iPad users. This is a much-awaited feature added to the iPadOS making it more convenient to use.  Mouse support was introduced with the release of iPadOS 13 (same for iPhones with iOS 13).  Now connect a mouse with your iPad via Bluetooth, or use a keyboard or trackpad for more convenience.

4. Safari –


With the Safari app changing to the desktop version, you can use Google Docs, WordPress, and other websites that are easily accessible on your iPad. As the iPad users may want to view the mobile versions of many websites, they introduced the feature in iPadOS. This feature is tremendously helpful to all, and using an iPad as a fully functional large screen device will be more comfortable.

Several other significant changes have been made with the latest iPadOS update, such as a download manager for the users to check on the downloads, site-specific settings to manage access to the device and users’ information.

5. Gesture Control –

If which iPad to buy is still your confusion, then go for the latest version, which has the newest Apple iPadOS on it. This includes gesture control, which works similarly to the one on the iPhone but has its unique style. Using multiple apps is made easy by switching quickly with the gestures on the Slide over the bar. Adjust the sizes of the windows opened in a split view. Trackpad gestures such as pinch for zoom- in and swipe to go home.

To Sum Up-

The latest iPadOS update brings several useful features that are going to make the iPad versatile in use. This will help people make use of the mouse and keyboard aa. The support is now provided with improved control. Other features like external storage, Desktop Safari, multiwindow are very likely to be appreciated.

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