Microsoft Introduces Authentication Module On Outlook App (Android & iOS)

Microsoft is introducing a multi-factor authentication module to its Microsoft 365 cloud productivity platform. This extra security feature will be added to Microsoft’s Outlook Email client and will be known as Authenticator Lite.

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What Is Authenticator Lite?

Authenticator Lite

Users will be able to respond to MFA requests for Microsoft 365 apps right in the Outlook app thanks to a new feature called Authenticator Lite, which the company claims in a new Microsoft 365 roadmap article. Users will be able to access their school or work accounts via Outlook with an additional degree of security if they use Authenticator Lite.

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How Will Authenticator Lite Work?

How Will Authenticator Lite Work

The function will be accessible through the Outlook mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. After entering their password, users probably need to enter a code or approve a notice. Users will be able to complete authentication requests in Outlook after the new Authenticator Lite features are made available to all Outlook users globally by the end of this month.

Microsoft 365 MFA requests can currently be fulfilled through security keys, phone calls, text messages, Microsoft’s Authenticator app, or verification codes obtained through other authentication apps.

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Will This Authenticator Module Be Successful?

Authenticator Module

Given that Outlook has a far wider user base than Microsoft’s Authenticator app, Microsoft’s action might increase the use of MFA among Microsoft 365 subscribers. The Authenticator app has 50 million downloads on Android and 233,100 reviews on iOS, but the Outlook app has over 500 million downloads and 5.5 million reviews on iOS. When it is fully implemented, the new Authenticator Lite functionality will enable MFA for security for hundreds of millions more Microsoft 365 users.

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The Final Word On Microsoft Introduces Authentication Module On Outlook App (Android & iOS)

Users would find it much simpler to authenticate their sessions without having to switch between different apps if MFA authentication is integrated directly into Outlook mobile apps. Alex Weinert, Microsoft’s Director of Identity Security, claims that MFA, regardless of the password, lowers the probability of account compromise by more than 99.9%.

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