Microsoft Edge Unleashes AI-Powered Text Rewriting for Effortless Editing

In a potentially game-changing move, Microsoft Edge appears poised to revolutionize journalism, blogging, and email composition through an innovative tool known as “AI-Writing.” As initially uncovered by Windows Latest, this groundbreaking feature harnesses the formidable capabilities of Microsoft’s in-house ML and AI technologies, driven by GPT-4 from ChatGPT and the powerful Bing AI. Its purpose? To facilitate and enhance your web-based writing experiences.

Soon, you can handpick text from any webpage and instruct Microsoft Edge to transform it according to your desired tone, length, and other preferences.  The fully customizable AI writing tool for Microsoft Edge functions similarly to the sidebar-accessible Compose Box and allows comprehensive customization. But what sets AI writing apart from other forms of writing is how well it fits into the current trends online.

Microsoft Edge’s AI-powered Rewrite Feature is on the Horizon

Microsoft Edge's AI writing feature

 Microsoft appears to be conducting A/B testing with a specific subset of users, granting access to only a limited few. At the moment, only Chromium Edge’s Canary version has access to this capability. This integrated feature becomes an inherent part of the browser, significantly expediting accessibility for a broader user base. This proves particularly beneficial when you require swift idea generation or speedy adjustments to the writing tone.

With AI seamlessly integrated into Edge, you gain the ability to swiftly generate writing ideas, elaborate on content, rewrite text, modify tone, adjust formatting, and perform a host of other versatile writing tasks.

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Once you’ve enabled the “AI-writing” feature in your Settings, all you need to do is select the text inside a text field and select “Rewrite.” Microsoft Edge will then generate a fresh rendition of the selected text, which you can seamlessly insert or further refine.


As evident from the screenshot provided above, a novel choice, labeled “Rewrite,” becomes visible when you highlight text within any text box. By selecting this option, you can generate an alternative version of your text, allowing for enhanced versatility in your writing. Additionally, you have the flexibility to tailor the texts generated by Microsoft to your specific preferences. For instance, you can click on “Adjust” to gain access to a range of customization options, including Format, Tone, and Length, enabling you to fine-tune the content according to your needs.

customization options

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With these robust features at your disposal, you can effortlessly shorten a lengthy report into a concise summary or transform existing content to suit the appropriate tone for platforms like LinkedIn or use in emails, or blogs. Microsoft also said that this feature is currently in a preview phase and is undergoing testing with a select group of users.

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