McAfee vs. Norton: Which Antivirus Is Better?

McAfee vs. Norton: Which antivirus is better? The answer to this question will depend on your individual needs as a computer user. McAfee and Norton are popular antivirus software brands with users across all demographics. Both companies’ range of antivirus products has their set of pros and cons, which makes it difficult for users to choose one over the other. 

Since these two are the most popular antivirus software brands, we’ve made a quick comparison of both pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about which is better suited for your needs.

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McAfee Antivirus – At A Glance

MacAfee is among the most well-known and recognizable antivirus programs. It contains a range of security features, making it an excellent option for anyone looking to increase their security. Despite its high level of protection, it’s still easy enough for everyone to use.

To learn more about what this well-known platform offers, view some of the features, benefits, and drawbacks of McAfee antivirus software.

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Norton Antivirus: At A Glance

According to market research and surveys, Norton is the best antivirus software you can get with money. Apart from its powerful antivirus capabilities, It offers Identity Protection to guarantee that you won’t encounter any privacy problems in any scenario.

Additionally, you don’t have to commit to a lengthy subscription plan; you can also pay for it monthly. So you can pay according to budget and needs. 

To see what you’re receiving with Norton antivirus software, take a quick look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks below.

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McAfee vs. Norton

Unlike McAfee antivirus, Norton offers significantly more comprehensive security features. Although both antivirus programs offer fundamental security, Norton offers extras like excellent protection against identity theft and cloud storage.

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Take a look at the features comparison table below:

S. No. Feature McAfee Norton
1 VPN Service Y Y
2 Firewall Protection Y Y
3 Monitor Dark Web Y Y
4 Cloud Storage N Y
5 Password Manager Y Y
6 Secure Isolated Browser N Y
7 Network Scanner Y Y
8 File Shredder Y N
9 Webcam Protection N Y
10 Parental Controls Y Y
11 Banking & Payment Protection N Y
12 Ransomware Protection Y Y
13 Data Encryption Y Y

After reading this feature comparison table, you can tell which antivirus has the edge over here. Due to its more comprehensive anti-identity theft technologies and cloud storage, Norton offers more features than McAfee overall.

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McAfee vs. Norton: Usability

The biggest drawback of Norton is that the installation process can be a bit complicated. However, McAfee is more user-friendly and straightforward to use than Norton. The usability of a piece of software is often seen as one of its most important features. 

Even if you have all the tools in the world, they won’t be of much use if you can’t use them. But when it comes to scanning and browsing menus, both Norton and McAfee have a reputation for being very user-friendly.

Regarding ease of use, we’d have to recommend McAfee above all else. That said, Norton may not be as simple to use as McAfee, particularly for those users unfamiliar with software who have trouble installing it.

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McAfee vs. Norton: Features Comparison

McAfee and Norton don’t skimp on features—that’s positive. There aren’t many differences between the two provider’s features, but that demonstrates how comprehensive and well-rounded their items are. Let’s look at the advantages of having more of each and gain a better understanding of why that’s beneficial.

McAfee Features

McAfee vs. Norton

Viruses, scams, and other online threats are always lurking behind your online activities, whether a simple click on the web or a search query. In addition to virus protection, McAfee provides a comprehensive range of solutions to guard against these numerous web threats.

Users are protected from having their private information stolen by McAfee’s anti-phishing technology, which also alerts users to fake websites & phishing emails.

Email spam filtering prevents you from receiving dangerous emails that phishing scams use to trap you. Furthermore, McAfee hunts down malware, so you shouldn’t worry about getting blackmailed online.

Whether you want to conduct a complete system scan or a quick daily checkup, McAfee allows you to decide how and when it keeps your devices functioning properly. Maintaining the security of personal info is very important, and for some people, protecting the safety of their families online takes second place. With the help of McAfee’s parental control feature, users may monitor how their family members use their devices and the internet in general.

Norton Features

McAfee vs. Norton

Norton is as efficient at seeking out malware in its many forms—spyware or ransomware—and safeguarding you from it as McAfee is. Norton is at your side when you check emails, surf websites, and conduct routine online business.

Norton’s greatest strength is its versatility. For example, you can customize how malware and viruses are scanned and flagged for results. Scheduling quick or comprehensive system scans are just as helpful as being able to do so whenever you want.

Norton Antivirus software is no longer exclusively for Windows PCs. You can protect phones, Macs, and tablets with a Norton app, which is simple to use, these days. Thanks to its extensive collection of customizable parental controls, Norton offers the same level of internet safety for kids as McAfee.

Norton appears to be just about as good as McAfee regarding the features it provides its customers. The services the two brands offer their customers are similar; they just go about it differently. With any service, you won’t need additional security products or measures.

McAfee vs. Norton: Antivirus & Malware Protection

Naturally, the primary purpose of an antivirus program is everyday protection. McAfee and Norton have various tools to help you stay safe from common malware, phishing scams, and other dangers.

Today, virus protection is guaranteed thanks to the antivirus and malware detection industries, which fuel several security software companies. McAfee and Norton are hard to distinguish when it comes to virus protection. Both firms maintain virus and malware detection databases, and their definitions are frequently revised to safeguard against malware assaults.

Because of this, whether you use Norton or McAfee, we advise keeping your update settings automatic.

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McAfee vs. Norton: Firewall Protection

You may secure your computer using the firewalls provided by Norton or McAfee. A firewall can deny access to outside resources or limit your use of potentially hazardous websites or apps. Everything can be controlled via a whitelisting system that controls which apps and websites are permitted. A draw is an answer here. This provides extra peace of mind.

McAfee vs. Norton

The number of settings and the level of actions you can take on both firewalls are relatively similar, though Norton’s interface is slightly more user-friendly, in our estimation.

McAfee vs. Norton

McAfee vs. Norton: Scanning Feature

McAfee vs. Norton

Numerous scanning options are available with Norton and McAfee. A Quick Scan may be used to discover any viruses that may be present in the most popular locations on your PC. Alternatively, if you require a more thorough scan, you can choose a complete system scan, which will thoroughly examine your entire system. This procedure consumes system resources and time, so we advise performing it when your computer is not in use.

McAfee vs. Norton

McAfee vs. Norton: System Performance

When running an antivirus program, a lot of background processing occurs, which can negatively impact system performance. Although, modern antivirus programs, such as McAfee and Norton, have reduced the impact of their scanning on the system.

When tested, we were glad that quick scan features had a little visible effect on system speeds. This is important since, for regular users, the rapid scan is their preferred method of malware detection. Using Norton or McAfee, your system speed may be slightly slower in the unlikely event that you need to run a more thorough system scan. This isn’t bad because it goes for almost all antivirus software.

A deep or full scan examines every system component for signs of infection, but it can take some time to complete. Regular or recurring deep system scans can be scheduled to start when you are not using your computer, thereby reducing system resources while ensuring the job gets done. You shouldn’t even notice it happening.

McAfee vs. Norton: Interface

McAfee and Norton are two of the best antivirus software available today, and both have simple interfaces once you’ve got past the setup phase (for Norton). Both offer a thorough, fully-featured, and easy desktop control panel that enables you to perform virus scans, software updates, and much more.

The Norton and McAfee interfaces do feature some significant differences, particularly when it comes to interface design. Norton is specially designed for smartphones and tablets, resulting in a much simpler interface. Large texts, Big buttons, and little but effective window changes characterize Norton, resulting in a seamless but simple interface.

McAfee vs. Norton

The McAfee interface is optimized for desktop use, which makes for a somewhat more convoluted interface. Even though you must jump from window to window more frequently, a wide variety of menus is available on the left rail.

McAfee vs. Norton

McAfee vs. Norton: App Design

McAfee and Norton don’t provide separate antivirus apps; instead, they provide mobile security apps that include VPNs and malware detectors.

McAfee and Norton are quite similar in antivirus software but differ significantly in app design. They both provide a lot for their missions, but their approaches are quite different.

For instance, the McAfee mobile security app is a central hub where you can scan for viruses and data theft. In addition to App Lock and Battery Booster, you can improve and prolong the life of your device.

McAfee vs. Norton

However, the Norton antivirus app functions more like a plug-in, appearing on your smartphone as needed. The software connects with the Play Store for Android smartphones, providing risk ratings and warning you of dubious applications before installing.

Additionally, you can view specifically how applications are utilizing your data and receive instant alerts when fraudulent calls come up, which is a terrific way to feel more secure when looking online.

McAfee vs. Norton: Customer Support

Norton and McAfee offer every kind of customer assistance function you could need if you’re an expert or a novice to the software. Having a solid support system is essential for getting you through difficult situations. Take a look at the table below:

S. No. Customer Support McAfee Norton
1 Email Support Y Y
2 24/7 Live Chat Support Y Y
3 Phonecall Support Y Y
4 Knowledge Support Y Y

McAfee vs. Norton: Pricing Details

Contrary to common belief, it is possible to purchase peace of mind, at least in terms of internet security. Contrary to common belief, it is possible to buy peace of mind, at least in terms of internet security. Although Norton and McAfee both provide a lot of options at various pricing points, what amount you pay is dependent on your demands.

McAfee Pricing Info

Three different options are available from McAfee. Since there aren’t many distinctions between them, your needs are the deciding factor.

McAfee vs. Norton

Plus Premium Advanced
Price $39.99/Year $49.99/Year $89.99/Year
Devices 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Parental Control N Y Y
Data Cleanup N N 50 GB
Identity Theft Compensation  N N Y
Lost Wallet Protection N N Y (Up to $1 M)
Security Freeze N N Y

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Norton Pricing Info

There are four primary options when selecting Norton 360 antivirus. Check out the detailed table below:

McAfee vs. Norton

Antivirus Plus Standard Deluxe LifeLock Socket
Price $19.99/Year $39.99/Year $49.99/Year $99.48/Year
Devices 1 3 5 5
Cloud Storage 2GB 10GB 50GB 100Gb
VPN N Up to 3 devices Up to 5 devices Up to 5 devices
Webcam Protection N Y Y Y
Parental Controls N N Y Y
Privacy Monitor N N Y Y
Lost Wallet Protection N N N Y
Dark Web Monitoring N Y Y Y
School Time N N Y Y

The following table, which allows for comparison, shows how they appear for the first year prices:

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Plan Norton McAfee
Premium Plus vs. Plus $19.99 $39.99
Standard vs. Premium  $39.99 $49.99
Deluxe vs. Advanced $49.99 $ 89.99
LifeLock Socket  $99.48 N/A

McAfee vs. Norton: Final Verdict

Each offers various plans for users wanting supplemental services like VPN & parental controls and highly regarded malware protection. A decision can come down to a few key features and pricing ranges. Norton has more capabilities but gets pricey if you add people and devices. Some capabilities offered by Norton’s more affordable plans are included with McAfee, but you must upgrade. Some reviewers favor McAfee for its user interface and security features while giving Norton a modest performance and protection advantage.

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An Alternative For Both Of Them

T9 Antivirus

Suppose you’re seeking an antivirus that keeps its database updated and provides real-time protection, online protection, firewall protection, and malware protection. Then, T9 Antivirus from Systweak Software should be your choice. 

It is a simple and efficient antivirus program for Windows computers with excellent malware detection percentages. It keeps new viruses, spyware, and zero-day attacks off your computer. Additionally, the T9 Antivirus app’s creators provide full-featured VPN security and a password manager, which may be purchased from their official website.

Priced at $39.95/Year for one device, T9 Antivirus includes free and premium editions for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. However, users of macOS, Android, or iOS cannot currently access this Antivirus program.

Click on this link now to experience this absolute best antivirus program.

To Conclude The Above: A Draw

We favor Norton over McAfee due to its better value for money and extensive features. However, in terms of security, either would make a terrific antivirus program. If you’re not very familiar with computer systems or want a simple program, we recommend looking at McAfee rather than Norton since it has a more straightforward setup procedure.

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