Keyboard Backlight Won’t Turn ON on Windows and Mac? Here’s the Fix!

Working in low lights can be really challenging without backlit keyboards. Don’t you think so? Well, even aesthetically backlit keyboards are more appealing to use compared to regular ones. When you’re working in the dark or playing a game, hitting the right keys is crucially important. Backlit keyboards offer you more accuracy and space, and are obviously less strainful to the eyes.


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Looking at the black screen for prolonged hours can really get you tired. Working on backlit keyboards will not only add a cool quotient to your hardware setup but will also offer you more versatility while you type.


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Recently bought a colorful backlit keyboard? Figuring out how to turn on the backlight? Keyboard backlight won’t turn on? We’ve got you covered. If you’re facing some serious issues in turning on the backlight of the keyboard, you can use the below-mentioned hacks to light up your system.

Let’s get started.

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How to Turn ON Keyboard Backlight on Windows?


Turning on the backlight of the keyboard on a Windows PC is quite simple! Look for the button that controls the keyboard lighting on the keypad. Tap on it to enable the backlight. Press the same key a few times to adjust the keyboard backlight brightness level.

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Keyboard Won’t Light Up? Here’s the Fix!

Hitting the keyboard backlight key did not help? Still not able to turn on the backlight? Well, making a few changes in the Windows Mobility Settings might help.

Press the Windows + X key combination. In the context menu that appears on the screen, select “Mobility Center” from the list of options.


Select “Keyboard Brightness” and then drag the slider to the extreme right corner to enable the backlight.


How to Turn ON Keyboard Backlight on Mac?

Locate the increase brightness button on your Mac’s keypad. (Probably looks like a rising sun icon)


Press the key a few times until the backlight gets enabled to your desired level.

Mac’s Keypad Backlight Won’t Turn On? Try This!

If the keyboard backlight option on your Mac is disabled by default, you won’t be able to light the backlight using the “Keyboard brightness” key. To make sure whether the keyboard backlight option is enabled in system settings, follow these steps:

Solution #1: Customize Keyboard Settings

Tap on the Apple icon placed on the top menu bar, select “System Preferences”.


Select “Keyboard”.

In the Keyboard settings window, check on the “Adjust keyboard brightness in low light” option.


Now check on the “Turn keyboard backlight off after x seconds of inactivity” option and set a value.


After making the above-mentioned changes, reboot your Mac and check whether it fixed the issue.

Solution #2: Adjust the Light Sensor

Working in bright light, direct sunlight can somehow block the light sensor to function properly. So, if you’ve been working outdoors under sunlight, the front-camera sensor may become used to extreme brightness and won’t enable the backlight unless needed.


Image source: Starz Soft

As a hack, here’s something you can try. Shine a flashlight at your Mac’s front camera a few times in a dark room and see if the keypad lights up.

NOTE:  Not all keyboard models support backlight functionality. Make sure you check the keyboard specifications offered by the manufacturer before you try these solutions.

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The backlight of your keyboard can be impacted due to a variety of reasons be it a splash of water or any fluid encounter, dust particles, a defective lighting sensor, or probably anything. If the above-listed solutions did not quite help in fixing the issue, we recommend you to contact the Apple Support Center for further assistance.

Was this post helpful in fixing the “Keyboard backlight won’t turn on” issue? Did these troubleshooting solutions help you in retaining the backlight of the keyboard? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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