10 Interesting Shortcut Keys on Windows Keyboard

When it comes to Windows, a know-how of some basic shortcut keys becomes a must. It reduces your labor and increases efficiency. You might already know about the most common shortcut keys on Windows. But there are plenty more that can further reduce tedious usage of the mouse, especially on laptop.

Before we move any further, a brief note on keyboard shortcuts is a must. These are a set of certain keys that help you carry out various tasks on your computer, which otherwise would require mouse. Apparently, they can be executed with mouse as well, but using the keyboard makes these tasks smoother and quicker. Though these shortcut keys have been on Windows since its early days, but the list was confined to only basic operations. Over time, this concise list gave way to newer and smarter shortcut keys on Windows. And then, with Windows 7 a huge array of shortcuts keys was introduced. So, we can say Windows 7 was a high for Microsoft. For now, you can take a look at the most amazing shortcuts that are certain to enhance your computing experience while letting you finish up your work in lesser time.

  1. Win+Up/Down/Left/Right: Windows keyboard is amazing. Just amazing we mean! With this shortcut, you can move any tab. You can use the combo keys on your word document to resize the tab and avoid the mouse. And yes, it’s shortcut would create space for other tabs, which you want to run simultaneously.
  1. 5 Shifts: Pressing shift key 5 times will let you turn on sticky keys. For the uninitiated, enabling sticky keys conveys your shortcut keys command in sequence rather than pressing at once. For instance, you press Ctrl+S together to save a piece of work. If your sticky keys are turned on, you can press Ctrl and then S to do the same, which otherwise isn’t possible.
  1. Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen: This is a fun combo. You will be able to turn on high contract with special color scheme. Further, this will help you improve the readability of the display. In order to return back, go to Control Panel> Appearance and Personalization> Change the Theme.
  1. Windows + M: Are you sick of using mouse to minimize a Window? Worry not! Apply this mix of keys to minimize any tab, in no time.
  1. Windows + D then Alt + F4 then press enter: To shut down your system, you click on several functions. But that isn’t required once you are familiar with this shortcut. Giving command to your system with these keys, one after another will help shutdown your system in fraction of seconds. And yes, if just wish to quickly come back to your desktop when number of tabs are opened, then press Win+D, a part of the mentioned combination.
  1. Left Alt + Left Shift then enter: Pressing these keys in sequence will let you open a small window, which will give you access to restore, move, size, minimize, maximize, etc. functions. This can alternatively be done with right click on the mouse at the top left corner of any Windows, say a word document or your browser Window.
  1. Windows key + “+”: You can magnify or zoom in onto your desktop or any of the opened Window with this shortcut. This amusing shortcut is a great way to add on some fun amongst your friends. But before you do this, you should know the entirety of this function. So that you can quickly remigrate to the original state. You should zoom out with Windows key + “-” keys to have the same Windows, as it was before you zoomed in.
  1. Windows key + “+” then windows key + “-” then Ctrl + Alt + I: You can use this set of keys to play a prank on to your friends. Well, Windows key + “+” then windows key + “-” then Ctrl+Alt+I will change your system’s color scheme. Yes, you can call it the PRISMA effect on your Windows, without the official app! Now if you don’t like the new effect and wish to revert back to original one, then press Ctrl+Alt+I. In addition to this, this shortcut will only apply when magnifier window is opened.
  1. Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Keys: This is yet another naughty shortcut. You can rotate the monitor using this shortcut. Yeah! Another prank for you to play. The monitor will rotate in the direction of the arrow key you have used.
  1. Alt+Esc: This short key combo will let you run through different windows in the order they were opened. It’s like, you have opened a word document and then a browser tab followed by a drive, then this mishmash of keys will open the desired tab in the exact sequence it was originally opened.

These are 10 amazing shortcut keys on Windows keyboard that will help you get through your tasks in considerably lesser time. But the fun doesn’t end here.

A bonus!

You should also know about what ‘F’ keys stand for. These are placed right on the top of your keyboard. And yes, these are all seemingly significant keys that will help you perform your computer operation better. Take a look and you can thank us later!

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