Is your PC Running Slow? Know The Reason

Windows PCs, no matter how efficient and more customizable they are, can also have serious performance issues. These issues are associated with several causes from driver updates to disk fragmentation. Once such an issue arises in a Windows PC, users may start experiencing lags and slow down in the functioning of system applications. 

We here are discussing the most common concerns that may have slowed down your PC. By applying the right method and using the right tool, these concerns can be easily fixed. A fine utility software called Advanced System Optimizer is a great solution to get your Windows PC rise again from its fall. 

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Reasons Behind a Slow PC:

1. Unchecked Corrupt Windows Registry

2. Unclean Drive and Scattered Junk

3. Fragmented Hard Drive

4. Malware Injections and Trojans

5. Issues with Driver Updates

6. Too Many Apps Installed on the System

Solution: Advanced System Optimizer consists of powerful module engine that can get your PC at its all-time best if it’s once run on the PC. So, let’s get to those issues and fix them in no time:

1. Unchecked Corrupt Windows Registry

– Database from all the internal settings and configurations of your Windows PC is centrally stored in Windows Registry. These bits of data are called “registry key”

– A lot of these keys are useful for smooth PC functioning, but over time, some of them become useless and even corrupt, requiring no significance among the other keys.

– Now every time the system starts, Windows review the registries to organize all the settings and configurations for each and every application on the system.

– The more are useless and corrupt registries, the more time it would take to check them and eventually, a system slow down would be experienced. 

Here’s the Fix:

The Registry Cleaner and Optimizers module of Advanced System Optimizer comprises of two tools, namely, Registry Cleaner and Registry Optimizer. These two tools clean up Windows registry keys and compact them in size. This accounts for smooth system functioning and allows it to load applications much faster, as well as prevent unwanted app crashes. 

2. Unclean Drive and Scattered Junk

– For every installation, or tasks carried out on the system, or any file saved in any folder, there are cache or temporary files created simultaneously.

– When the number cache files exceed beyond a certain limit, it starts putting too much load on the memory and take up a lot of space by piling up, ultimately slowing down your system.

Here’s the fix:

Disk Cleaner & Optimizer module contains a System Cleaner. It performs a deep scan throughout the system folders, and roots out all the junk that is cluttering up your system hard drive and putting unnecessary load on the memory. 

3. Fragmented Hard Drive

– Fragmentation refers to a situation where the system drive scatters various files throughout different folders and sub-folders. This happens when the user constantly modifies folders and system files by renaming, deleting, relocating them. 

– When the system RAM has to search through the system to locate these files and load them, the system’s response speed is slowed down. This is because the search through scattered files takes longer time. 

Here’s the fix:

The Disk Cleaner & Optimizer module also has a Disk Optimizer, which removes fragments from the drive. The defragmented disk accounts for a lesser number of app crashes and system failures. 

4. Malware Injections and Trojans

– Malware is injected in the system mostly when an application is downloaded from an unknown source or if a corrupt file is uploaded on the PC.

– Many malware and trojans are injected to get command and control of the victim’s system, while others are meant to just corrupt files and folders in there. 

– Other such trojans enter the system through our webspace. If we save an important credential over the browser or accepted cookies from an unknown source, it might result in a system breach. 

Here’s the fix: 

The Security & Privacy module of Advanced System Optimizer consists of two different tools to help you deal with this concern. System Protector performs a quarantine to kill any malware, trojans, or spyware present in the system. On the other hand, Privacy Protector kills any identity traces and internet browsing history to clear off your information from the webspace, thus protecting you from unwanted privacy concerns. 

5. Issues with Driver Updates

– Drivers enable system hardware devices and peripherals to communicate with the OS, and therefore, function properly on the computer. 

– The drivers are to be updated regularly in order to have their associated devices work properly.

– These updates are rolled out at irregular intervals, and thus, users should search for these updates every now and then.

– If drivers are not updated, then the system may experience lags and crashes especially in audio and video output, or in case when an external USB-drive is attached to the system. 

Here’s the fix:

Advanced System Optimizer’s Driver Updater module automates the driver update process. The updater scans the PC for available updates. If any is found, users can install those updates on a single click. By automating this process, the updater not only saves time but also removes unnecessary stress caused by an app, and system crashes occurring due to un-updated drivers.

6. Too Many Apps Installed on the System

– System performance depends upon what type of processor it holds and how much memory it has in it. 

– The more apps a user install on a system, the more memory would be used to run and configure those apps. 

– If this load in system memory is exceeded by the apps, the RAM malfunctions and slows down system response time. The apps startup time increases and many crashes in between operation. 

Here’s the fix:

Under the Regular Maintenance module, users can find an Uninstaller in the Advanced System Optimizer. The Uninstaller lists all the apps installed on the PC. A user can choose to uninstall any unwanted app from the list and delete it permanently (along with associated files) to clear off storage and remove unnecessary stress from system RAM. 

Bonus Feature you get with Advanced System Optimizer:

Advanced System Optimizer’s Smart PC Care:

– While Advanced System Optimizer has separate modules for separate functions, there is a comprehensive set of important scans in one single smart module. 

– In one click, this set scans the system for cache and junk, hidden traces on the web, registry errors, spyware, driver updates, and disk defragmentation. 

– On a single scan, it automatically runs all processes one-by-one saving user time and giving optimal PC care without hassle. 

These issues are very common in Windows PCs and are most troubling when it comes to system performance. By installing Advanced System Optimizer, you can get the best out of your Windows PC and optimize all its functions to their best potential. The modules offered by Advanced System Optimizer are meant to create a smooth working platform for users and eradicate crashes and malfunctioning issues from their systems. 

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