Is There Any One Stop Solution To Keep My PC Safe?

Don’t you wish that your computer always runs smoothly and is free from errors? Well, this is a bit difficult to achieve, given the cyberattack and malware prominence. One-click on a malicious web link or using a public connection is sometimes enough to put your data and system in danger.

Thinking what can you do to protect our PC from such attacks? Well, this blog gives you a one-stop solution, good antivirus software for your PC to keep it secure all the time.

How To Keep Your PC Safe?

Securing your data and the system is essential, as the frequent cases of malware attacks are scary. Whenever you are using the connection to a public WiFi for surfing the internet, you are open to intrusions. If you are using devices to be connected to your system for data transfer, this also makes your PC vulnerable to malware. Not only this but online data transfer, file downloads, clicking on a malicious web link, and many more can land you in trouble. If you are looking for ways to safeguard your computer along with your data, follow the tips below-

  • Attach verified devices to your computer.
  • Check the web links before opening them.
  • Use a secure internet connection.
  • Don’t download suspicious files.
  • Use encrypted communication for data transfer.
  • Good antivirus.

Good Antivirus is the one-stop solution to keep your PC and data safe

Using good antivirus software is the best solution to get rid of computer viruses. As a new virus attack is observed every other day, it will be best to have an antivirus on your computer rather than scanning the files manually. We recommend you Systweak Antivirus as the one-stop solution to keep your PC safe. Systweak Antivirus comes equipped with multiple security features to ensure the safety of your PC. It runs a complete scan of the system but detects malware and helps get rid of them quickly. The best part of this antivirus software would be the regular updates, which help identify the new malware.

Get it from the link below –

Once you have successfully installed the antivirus on your computer, it opens the program. On the Home screen, you will see the Scan Now button and click on it.

Home screen

You get options to choose for the scan- Quick scan, Deep scan, and Custom scan. Click on any one of them, and the scan will start. You need to wait for some time.

Threat result

If your computer is not infected, it will show you a message as in the above image – Threats Results – No Infections found. If your computer is carrying malware, Systweak Antivirus will detect it. You are shown the easy way to remove it from the system with the button on this antivirus.

It not only help you detect the malware on the system but provides online protection in the form of an extension named StopAll Ads. It has to be downloaded on your web browser, and it will help block all the ads on the websites you visit.

Stop All ads

For providing further protection from the computer virus, enable the Malware Protection and Exploit Protection on it.


Use Real-time protection and keep your PC safe always. Don’t forget to turn on the Malware Protection and Exploit Protection to scan the system files and processing actively.

Real time

This will help you stay protected from any type of adware, spyware, and virus. It is compatible with Windows 10,8.1,8,7.


Q1. What is the thickest wall between my PC & online malware & other virus categories?

Firewall works as the barrier between the network and the system. It helps in securing the system from malware. The inbuilt feature must be turned on to keep unauthorized elements from accessing your data and system. Thus protecting the user data and system from getting infected with malware.

Q2. Do I need virus protection on my PC?

Yes, it is advised to have a virus protection on your PC for saving your data from malware. We advise you to use a strong antivirus which gives real time protection against the malicious threats. An updated antivirus which has a vast database is better in detecting the latest computer virus.


If you are looking for a one-stop solution to keep your PC safe, Systweak Antivirus is the answer. It comes as a savior to fix all your safety-related concerns and save the computer and data from cyberattacks. Get it now from the download button given below-

We hope the article will help you to keep your computer safe. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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