Is There A Way To Monitor Your App’s Reputation?

Everybody seeks for positive feedback, so that they can improve themselves further. Same is the case with app developers as well! They can easily keep an eye on how many people have downloaded their application and read the reviews on Google Play store, but these statistics cannot be relied on.

The reason behind is that today the competition has gone too far and the organizations competing with each other often use unethical tricks. They even try to tarnish others’ reputation by posting negative reviews. And Internet is not a small place where you can manually scan every website and find where is anyone talking about you! But if you are really looking forward to building the best app.

Is There A Way To Monitor Your App’s Reputation

Here is the list of tools that will surely help you out in finding out the reputation of your app! Let’s get started! is a one of those online reputation management solution. It will help improve your ratings by collect more positive reviews and by letting you resolve any negative ones. It immediately sends notifications when anything is posted about you on the Internet. It also performs a sentiment analysis in order to reveal the tone of the feedback. With the help of these tools, you can resolve the issues faced by customers in a jiffy.

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Trackur is yet another “reputation management platform.” It can handle everything, from social media monitoring to social analytics to review aggregation, nothing is impossible for this platform. Additionally, it closely monitors your hashtags and how many times your app is mentioned. Furthermore, it provides sentiment analysis along with influencer scoring. This is one such platform which is user friendly and gives you a dashboard that lets you go through all your media mentions at one place. You can even integrate your devices with this, so that you can monitor reputation of your app without any hassle. Find it here



If their own words are trusted, this is ‘the world’s leading opinion mining company’. It is a crowd-supported social media monitoring solution and uses business intelligence along with ML to extract accurate insights for businesses. Users of this platform enjoy the user-friendly and advanced features provided. This monitors how your app is perceived online and extracts the insights by tracking hashtags. The best things about this platform is the its ability to ‘learn from you,’ and this can be leveraged to make your application better! Find it here



Yet another one of the online reputation management tool. It monitors your online reviews, blogs, forum conversations and social networks. In fact, it takes things beyond your expectations by monitoring the instances when your brand is mentioned and when the names of your top managers are mentioned online. This allows you to take a closer look on all conversations and opinions that are going on about your app. This program claims that its web crawler can scan 100 million web pages each day in order to extract your mention in the comments, reviews or even conversations in the open forums. Furthermore, this knowledge is later used to create detailed analytics reports, which helps you see the big picture of your online reputation. Find here

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Social Mention

This platform is quite popular as it has been around for a long time now. It is one of the most trusted and free social analysis platform. With this, a detailed search analysis to provide you real-time data analytics in order to assess how your campaigns are performing actually. This not only lets you evaluate the impact your brand but also enlightens about how users feel about the same. Moreover, this aggregates all the places where users have mentioned you, and thus you can see what people are saying about you.

Social Mention

These are a few tools that might help you know about the reputation of your applications online! With these, you can keep your worries regarding your reputation at bay and work in order to improve it. What do you think? How effective will it be? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments section below!


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