Is File Manager Enough For Managing Android Phone Storage

Every Android phone, whether powered by the stock Android OS or a third-party operating system based on the Android Open Source Project, comes with a built-in file manager app. In case the File Manager app is not pre-installed, users can always head to PlayStore and download some third-party file explorer alternatives to do the job.

The file managers are where we can get an overview of all the files/folders stored on our phones and monitor storage usage. Users intend to use the file manager to view or open files and see which ones they can remove to free up space. This way, they can save up on storage space, which accounts for the device’s favorably smooth performance.

But that’s not entirely true!

Why are File Managers not Enough to Manage Phone Storage?

The storage space in modern devices exceeds 120GB. And with the newfound craving for photography among young individuals account for tonnes of large media files scattered in different folders on the device. A file manager could be useful in examining somewhat comprehensive and detailed stats on storage space occupied by other folders on the phone in such a scenario. But, it is not enough to select, mark, filter out content that can be permanently removed to optimize device storage and improve its processing and response time.

Besides, there are various temp logs, cache files, and junk piles up on your storage and can’t be directly deleted from file manager apps.  Even if you try it manually, you need to ensure you don’t delete a folder holding app configuration. If that happens, you may need to reinstall the significantly affected app and lose the pre-saved data.

So, how do you genuinely manage your phone storage even without a File Manager app:

Smart Phone Cleaner: The Best File Explorer and Android Phone Optimizer

To keep your phone in the best functioning state, you shall install a third-party tool, which can not only act as a file manager or explorer but also help you get rid of junk and malware and unwanted files to enhance the device performance.

smart phone cleaner is the best Android optimization app you can have. Embedded with tones of features, it helps you clean up RAM, remove malware, delete cache files, etc. to improve your phone’s overall performance. Among these features is a file explorer as well, which can help you get a detailed scan of your files and folders on the storage space.

Let’s learn more about the features and file management abilities of smart phone cleaner!


Key Features of smart phone cleaner:

– Boost up RAM on one tap.

– Clean up junk files and temp logs.

– Kills background processes and optimize battery performance

– Manage files via built-in File Explorer.

– Remove duplicate media files and documents.

– Scans and removes malware to prevent data corruption and theft.

Hibernate apps that are unused or have been inactive for a while.

– Have a separate WhatsApp module, which removes piling up WhatsApp media.

How to Manage Files using File Explorer on smart phone cleaner?

Step 1: Download and Open smart phone cleaner.

Step 2: Head to File Explorer.

Step 3: Here, all your files will be bifurcated by the file type, such as Images, Videos, Documents, and Downloaded Files. Access these files to view the data on your phone.


smart phone cleaner


There are two additional bifurcations for better file management on Android:  


  • Big Files:


This folder will list exceptionally large files, which are greater than 1GB in size separately for you to analyze, select, and remove to clear off some more space on the phone storage.


  • WhatsApp Media:


Given that most of our unwanted media files come from WhatsApp forwards, smart phone cleaner creates a separate bifurcation for WhatsApp media, where users can select the unwanted WhatsApp files removal after a clear preview via a visible thumbnail.

How to Manage Junk Files using smart phone cleaner?

This is more of a one-tap process. Follow the procedure in sequential order to remove junk from your Android phone:

Step 1: Open smart phone cleaner.

Step 2: Tap on the Junk Files button.


smart phone cleaner


Step 3: The app will scan your device for potential cache and other temp logs.

Step 4: You can then delete the cache scanned by tapping the Clean Now button. You can also expand the list to view all the cache files by tapping the forward arrow after every option (boxed in green).


smart phone cleaner


How to Manage Duplicates on your Phone using smart phone cleaner?

Step 1: Open smart phone cleaner.

Step 2: Tap on the Duplicates button.


smart phone cleaner


Step 3: Get an overview of duplicates on your phone either by Group or by file types. You can later mark and delete one of the duplicates to create more space.

overview of duplicates

These three features help manage files and storage on Android phones, but smart phone cleaner has many more features that account for the overall optimization of Android devices. Rated 4.3 on Play Store with over a million downloads, smart phone cleaner has become the most popular and effective cleaner app for Android phones

Download smart phone cleaner now and start smart management for your files and folders on your phone. 

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  • comment_avtar
    Aditya Purohit
    smart phone cleaner is a great tool to optimize smartphone.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    mariya jonsan
    Sometime i also feel is my file manager is enough because most of the time when i download some file that time they are not available in file manager. But now i tried this process and make more storage.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Gajendra singh
    I personally use these smart phone cleaner and it helps me to free space

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Thank you for sharing valuable information. I would like to know if I use smart phone cleaner will there be no need for a file manager?

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Mansi Vijay
    Hey Abhishek, I am looking for more File Managers. Can you please suggest more alternatives to smart phone cleaner? Thanks in advance!

    4 years ago

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