iPhone Camera Not Working: Common Fixes

Has the camera on your iPhone stopped responding all of a sudden? Or is it the problem that keeps recurring where your iPhone camera is not working? Does it not bother you when you are trying to capture an image of a precious moment and the camera refuses to work? If yes, then you have come to the right place!

We came up with a list of common issues faced by iPhone users related to the camera. In this article, we discuss the solutions we can find for all the cases.

Before we start with the technical help please take a physical examination of your iPhone. It is possible that due to some damage, your camera has stopped working.  Sometimes, the moisture in the atmosphere causes internal damage and the camera won’t work.

How To Fix iPhone Camera Not Working

1. iPhone Camera Black Screen

iPhone camera showing the black screen can be a cause of several reasons:

  • Something blocking the camera. Check if your hand or the phone cover etc. is not blocking the camera. It can be a potential reason for a sudden iPhone camera black screen.
  • As it is observed sometimes people complain about the iPhone front camera not working. But on checking they find that they have been using the back camera and forget to switch to the front camera.
  • Relaunch the app and try again.
  • Restart the phone and open the camera again.

2. iPhone Camera And Flashlight Not Working

iPhone camera with the flashlight not working is due to:

  • Check the settings, mostly we have set the Flash on default. This will only change when we turn it on manually to Flash On. Also, go to the settings, to confirm if it is turned off for a certain time – daylight mode.
  • Close the camera app and go back to the home page and now swipe down to open Flashlight on your phone. Now if this is also not functioning, it has to be another issue with just a flashlight.
  • Check if your phone is showing any message as such Flash is disabled due to low battery or overheating. Wait for some time and try again with the flashlight with a camera.
  • Relaunch the app and try again.
  • Restart the phone and open the camera again.

3. iPhone Camera Blurry Images

  • Check if the camera lens in spotless. Clearing it will solve the problem for most of us if the problem isn’t inside the camera.
  • This problem can be due to the high ISO which works under dim light causing noise in the images captured. But it is not a favorable aspect and thus we need to fix this issue of grainy images on iPhone.  Check the Camera Settings and you can fix this problem by setting it in your preference, see if you opted for Live Photos turn it off in that case.

4. iPhone Camera App Undetected

If the camera app refuses to start for you, you must try to restart your phone. Even this does not seem to work for you then you need to check the settings of your phone.

Launch the Settings and go to General.

iPhone Camera App Undetected

Click on Reset which will take you on multiple options. Select Reset All Settings.

5. iPhone updates

As the software is updated, some of the hardware might trouble you. Similarly if your iPhone camera is not working, you need to refresh the app. Once the update finishes, you can open camera and find it back to work.

6. Additional Settings

Turn off additional settings that might be interfering with the action. Voiceover often stops the app from performing the basic operation. Similarly, if your location is on it can be a reason for Camera not opening.

Wrapping up:

If you are struggling to get your iPhone camera working, one of the aforementioned tips will help. These are some of the common fixes for the most faced problem of iPhone camera not working. It could be a technical glitch that can be fixed with updating the phone software.

It can also be a momentary issue which can be fixed by tweaking the settings. However, if the problem persists you need to contact the professional technical help from the designated Apple store.

Please let us know in the comments section below for which trick worked for you the best. Also, subscribe to our Newsletter to keep getting regular updates of the tech world. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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