Best Ways To Increase Productivity Around PDFs on Google Drive

There is more to PDF documents than just viewing their content. For instance, you can edit PDF documents; password protect them, merge two or more PDFs and do a lot more. To store PDFs, Google Drive is probably one of the most popular choices. You can do more with your PDF files than simply keeping them on Google Drive. Yes! You heard us right. You’ll be amazed at the many things you can do to manage PDFs on Google Drive while viewing or working with a PDF. So, let’s get straight to it, shall we?

Various Tasks That you can Perform While Working With PDFs on Google Drive

What if you can handle maximum PDF management tasks from one easy-to-use PDF management tool? Wouldn’t it be great? Advanced PDF Manager is one such tool that can help you split, merge, rearrange (rotate, reorder, move and remove) and password-protect PDF files.

PDF files

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What’s The Difference Between The Free and The Paid Version of Advanced PDF Manager?

You can use the trial version of Advanced PDF Manager for 14 days, where you will get access to all its features. After the trial period, you can purchase the full version at US$ 39.95/ annually.

trial version

1. Edit PDF As A Text Document

Did you encounter an embarrassing typo in your final PDF while using Google Drive’s PDF viewer? If yes, Google Drive can help you fit PO before destroying your document reputation. You will first have to convert your PDF document to Google Docs.

1. Right-click on the PDF that you want to edit.

2. Click on Open with and select Google Docs, as shown in the screenshot below.

Google Docs

3. The PDF document will open as an editable text document with all the images and other content. Here you can easily perform the edits that you desire.

editable text document

4. Once you have performed the desired edits, click on File > Download > PDF Document (.pdf).


2. Annotate PDFs Using Google Drive

Feel the need to annotate your PDF document so that you can make your PDF more interactive to other users by building upon existing content and adding more clarity? Normally, you would open a PDF using Google Drive PDF viewer, highlight a block of text, click on the + sign and add a comment. But what if we told you there is much more you can do?

1. Right-click on the PDF document that you want to annotate and select Open with DocHubPDF Sign and Edit

Open with DocHub

2. Select your account to continue.


3. Open the PDF with DocHub – PDF Sign and Edit

Open the PDF

4. You can now annotate your PDF document in many different ways. You can add shapes, text, highlights, etc.

annotate your PDF

5. Once you are done annotating, you can share your document, send it as an email, download it or perform other operations. For this, click on the hamburger icon at the top-right corner, as shown in the screenshot below, and choose the desired option.


3. Sign PDF Documents

One of the reasons why you may want to share a PDF document is to ask someone to sign a PDF document or sign a PDF document yourself. With DocHub, you can create your sign or request signature from other users.


To create a signature/ initials, you can –

  • Use your phone as a finger signature pad.

signature pad

  • You could use a pen tab and draw your initials in the specified place.

pen tab

  • If you have an image of your signature, you could even upload that, or you can choose to type initials in your desired font.

4. Compress Files For Saving Storage Space

Large PDFs can take up a lot of Google Drive storage space. And, if you are using the free storage on Google Drive, things could be really tough.

Talking of extensions at Google Workspace Marketplace, there is one that can come in handy if you want to reduce the size of your PDF to save storage space. The extension that we are referring to is Smallpdf. Although a complete solution for various PDF management tasks such as editing, rotating, eSigning, etc., it can even let you compress PDF files. On a personal front, the compression ability did impress us. With the free variant, you can work on one file for free per day. Here’s how Smallpdf can help you compress files –

1. Install Smallpdf from Google Workspace Marketplace.

2. Right-click on the PDF on Google Drive whose size you want to compress.

3. Select Smallpdf

4. Click on Choose files dropdown and Choose files from Google Drive.

5. Select your account.

6. Click on the Select icon to select the PDF file.

7. Select compression mode and click on Compress

Wrapping Up

If, up until now, you were of the notion that on Google Drive, you can only view PDF files with Google Drive’s PDF viewer, we hope that this post has changed your view. So, try out the various extensions and ways we have discussed in this post and increase your productivity around PDFs on Google Drive. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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