How to Fix Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65

Hulu is one of the most popular online streaming platforms, with more than 35 million active users worldwide. This American-based subscription media platform features a wide range of entertainment content, including Hulu originals, award-winning shows, and movies.

Hulu even has its LIVE TV portal with more than 65+ top channels that you can enjoy watching without a cable connection.

Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65

So, assuming that you are here because you’re an active Hulu user, have you ever encountered the error code Plaunk65 while accessing your account? Well, don’t worry. Experiencing streaming issues is quite natural. You can quickly fix them up by following a few workarounds.

Here are a few solutions that will allow you to resolve Hulu error code PLAUNK65 in several ways and get past all the technical glitches in just a jiffy.

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Let’s explore.

What is Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65, and Why is it Caused?

Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65
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Hulu error code PLAUNK65 usually occurs due to network connectivity issues and is general displays on a blank blue colored screen with the following message:

We encountered an error playing this video. 

The network connectivity issues that we have addressed can occur at your home’s WiFi end or from the server-side. Another possible set of causes of why you may encounter this issue include:

  • Slow Internet Access.
  • Corrupted Cache.
  • Operating an Outdated version of Hulu.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65?

Let’s discuss a few troubleshooting methods that will help you fix this issue and overcome any playback failures while streaming Hulu’s content.

Pro Tip

Sometimes, due to geo-restriction, ad-blocker, DNS cache, and internet connection speed you can face Hulu Error Code Plaunk65. The quickest way to fix this error is to use a VPN. Surely there are tons of them available but which one is the best? We recommend using the Systweak VPN – the best VPN for Windows. Using it you can not only access geo-restricted content but can also take care of connection drops and security. To know more about it read the comprehensive review on Systweak VPN

1. Check Your Internet Connection Speed

First things first, just make sure that your Internet connection is good enough to stream content. You can also run an Internet speed test online to check if your device is receiving sufficient bandwidth.

Check Your Internet Connection Speed
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Also, you can try keeping your WiFi router close to the device on which you’re streaming. This will ensure that the WiFi signals are not interrupted by any physical barriers, and your device will receive a stable Internet speed for streaming. Rebooting your router can also work as an added advantage so that you can try that as well. Turn it off and then switch it ON after a few minutes to reboot your WiFi router.

2. Delete Cache

Delete Cache
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Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other gadget, cache memory does get stored in eventually starts taking up a considerable amount of storage space in your device’s memory. Hence, what we recommend is that you should also try getting rid of Hulu’s cache now and then. In this way, you can easily get rid of corrupted cache and get past any technical glitches.

3. Use a VPN

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One of the most useful workarounds to fix Hulu error code PLAUNK65 is using a VPN service to connect to your Hulu account. Using a VPN will ensure that you establish a secure connection on the web, and your network traffic passes through an encrypted tunnel.

If you connect to Hulu using a VPN service, it will offer you two amazing benefits.

  • First, you will be able to stream securely while keeping your IP address information masked from intruders.
  • Secondly, with a VPN, you can access restricted content, explore a wide range of entertainment content available in any location worldwide, and easily bypass censorship.

A myriad of VPN services is available online that you can choose from. Our vote goes to Systweak VPN (for Windows) that offers you 100% online anonymity while browsing the Internet. You can easily unlock Hulu, Netflix, HBO, ESPN, Disney+, and many other streaming platforms using Systweak VPN and enjoy an unlimited range of media content.

Use a VPN

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4. Update your Hulu Application

If you’re accessing an outdated version of the Hulu app, make sure you update it right away. Update the firmware of the Hulu app and install the latest version from the web. The latest app update will offer you performance improvements, bug fixes, and more security.

Here were a few solutions to try to fix the Hulu error code PLAUNK65 on any device. If the playback is interrupted due to this issue, the above-mentioned hacks can help resolve any technical glitches or errors so that you can make the most of your streaming experience without any hindrance!


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    Mansi Vijay
    I think using a VPN is probably the best and safest way to get rid of Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65!

    4 years ago
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    Mridula Nimawat
    Using VPN can help you fix these errors.

    4 years ago
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    Aditya Purohit
    Thanks, it’s work for me

    4 years ago
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    Thanks for this article! I was facing a similar issue with my Hulu. It’s solved now!

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