How to Use Your Smartphone as Heads-up display

Every day we see hundreds of innovations to make our driving experience better and safe. The early stages of driving were full of experiments. But thankfully, we now enjoy technical refinements to enhance our driving experience.

If we talk about the dashboard speedometer it has also become pretty modernized these days. Head-up-displays are few of the recent inventions that allow users to easily navigate without taking their eyes on the road. In this article let us understand what is heads-up display and how you can use your smartphone as HUD Display without spending much money.

What is HUD (Heads-up display)

In simple terms, HUD or Heads-Up Display refers to information projected on the windscreen of your car so you do not take your eyes off the road. The technology is broadly used in aircrafts but these days this technology can also be seen in some high-end cars.

Do you know it does not require much to have heads-up display for car? All you need to have is an app on your smartphone that converts your screen to mirror image and can adjust the brightness so that its reflection can be visible on the windscreen (even during daytime!). You need to place your smartphone on a proper place on the dashboard so that it can be projected without blocking the vision. Here is the list of some applications which are of great use for this purpose.

Navier HUD 3

Navier HUD3:  is the best HUD Display app for android users. The application needs at least 3G internet connection. The application is beautifully designed and you will be able to see crystal clear display on your windscreen. It automatically adjusts brightness and screen orientation to make everything clearly visible to you. It has turn by turn navigation and the best part is you can set route by speaking up. The application supports OBD2 which means it can acquire information such as runtime speed, fuel level etc. using OBD2 dongle.

 Navier HUD

Download here

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the application is available for both android and iPhone users. The key purpose of the application is GPS navigation and it is having number of features which makes it best at its job. You can use offline map to navigate, the application provides voice assistance. Though brightness and interface of application is compatible to the lighting conditions but still sometimes you may realize the need of HUD glass.

HUDWAY GoAndroid: Download here
iPhone: Download here

Head-Up Nav HUD Navigation

Another application which you will find very useful for the purpose of heads-up display is Head-Up Nav HUD Navigation. It uses GPS to get speed and you can set your destination with google maps. The application is largely dependent on GPS and only requires internet for downloading maps. The application automatically adjusts brightness level and color scheme to ensure better visibility in all the lighting conditions which is the best feature of any HUD Display.

Head-Up Nav HUD Navigation

Download here

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This is how you can get heads-up display for car. While placing your smartphone on the dashboard of your car you should keep in mind that it should be placed on an anti-skid surface. Also, do not forget to focus on the road more than the app. We hope you like this article, for more please subscribe and share your feedback/suggestions in the comments below.

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