How To Use Amazon Alexa For Homeschooling

While we all are trying to keep ourselves limited to our homes as the world is threatened with the pandemic crisis. The children are refrained from going to schools, and therefore the focus is on homeschooling. With parents also busy with work from home and other house chores.They can not always pay attention to the kids school work, but Alexa can. Since,there are several educational games for kids to learn and grow.

Amazon Alexa is great for homeschooling kids. Along with the technology helping the kids take classroom video calls with the teachers. One can also get these apps to help and make them smarter with its use.

Amazon Alexa Skills For Homeschooling Kids –

Let’s discuss the ways Amazon Alexa can help with homeschooling kids-

 1. Amazon Math –

Amazon Math

With Amazon Math, Alexa can help your kid with their math practice. One can choose from the grade levels from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Different topics can be selected like Addition, multiplication, comparison. Each topic contains five math problems for the kids to solve, and later the scores are saved by Alexa. This is used to measure the progress of the kid and also helpful in changing the difficulty level of the math problems.

Alexa also celebrates with you when you finish tasks. It starts counting with you at times and gives your kid company. This is easy to use for other kids as well as you can change the grade and lessons for them. Ask Alexa to repeat the question until you get it right, and with such features, Alexa surely wins over to be a good teacher.

2. Out The Door –

Out The Door

This one keeps your kids following the same routine to get ready. Alexa has terrific ways to determine your co-dependency on the kids. As children often do not cope well with disrupted lifestyles, they must get as much as their daily school routine. This, of course, includes the part where they are on time and getting ready for school time. This Out the Door Skill will help you as much as the kids.

Out The Door creates a superpower game for the kids, and they have to finish the mission. It has instructions like brushing the teeth, getting dressed. You can sit and relax while Alexa instructs the kids to get ready on time scheduled for study. It energizes kids for doing fun activities, and they end up getting into the mood of studying.

3. Learn To Spell –

This is another of the most common questions for kids. As they are all in the learning phases, they learn to spell a lot of things. Alexa is great at helping them with this activity as well; you can use several apps to learn spelling words correctly. Moreover, they will also help with the pronunciation, and the kids will memorize it much better.

One does not need to open up a dictionary to help kids anymore, as Alexa will do your work. It will listen to your kid’s query and spell out the word precisely for them to understand. There are also spelling quizzes which will keep them engaged and help learn better. Select from Spelling Teacher, Kid Spell, and Spelling game according to the kid’s grade.

4. General Trivia For Kids –

The kids are curious, and they love to question everything that gets their attention. Therefore Alexa comes with a wonderful section to help you out from this round of quiz and making it fun for kids. Echo Dot Kids Edition can answer questions of all types related to every subject.

It will answer the question like: “Why do we celebrate Easter?”, “Who was the first President”, “How far is Sun from Earth?” etc. With Alexa fetching the answers to all questions under the sky for your kid’s questions, you are free to work on your own.

5. Read A Story –

Read a story

 There’s so much to keep the kids entertained and keep learning as well. Stories come to help, when it comes to learning moral values and excellent behavioral skills. To get lessons from a story, children seem to learn fast and take on them quickly. Amazon Alexa kids edition comes with the feature, which can also keep your young ones busy for a long time.

Alexa has some great storytelling apps, and Amazon Storytime is one the best. This has a collection of stories appropriate for kids aged 5-12. You can choose from different categories and also skip stories while listening. It also allows you to take a break and pause it and resume it later.

Wrapping up:

Homeschooling is a tough task for kids as well as parents. Since the times are demanding for it, the kids must stick to their school routine. Using Alexa for their homework and educational purposes is a smart move. Parents can also get the help they need while working from home and can contribute to their children’s education. We hope you use these tips to learn more about how to use Amazon Alexa for homeschooling kids.

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