How to Uninstall/Remove the Segurazo Antivirus

Is your device installed with Segurazo Antivirus? It’s not as safe as you think! Segurazo is a popular cybersecurity company but many users and other antivirus manufacturers have claimed that Segurazo Antivirus does not deliver legit protection and can infect your device with malware. A majority of users also complained that the Segurazo Antivirus was installed on their devices without their knowledge.

Remove the Segurazo Virus

Segurazo Antivirus potentially contains malware and infectious virus that can harm your device and data. Wondering how to uninstall Segurazo Antivirus from Windows? We’ve got you covered. In this post, we have covered several ways that will guide you on how to remove Segurazo Antivirus from your PC before it brings any further damage.

Let’s get started.

What is Segurazo Virus?

Segurazo virus comes embedded along with the Segurazo Antivirus software. It automatically gets installed on your device without your permission and it lures users to buy the “Premium” version of the software. Here comes another catch. It is almost impossible to uninstall Seguzaro Antivirus from the Control Panel no matter how hard you try. You’ll probably have to dig a little deeper in Windows Settings to completely remove Segurazo Antivirus from your Windows PC.

If your device is infected with the Segurazo Virus, you’ll see a lot of unwanted banner ads, pop-ups flashing on the screen, and you might also experience a degraded device performance.

How to Uninstall Segurazo Antivirus?

#1 Use the Safe Mode with Networking

One of the most effective ways to remove Segurazo Antivirus is by entering the Safe Mode on Windows. Here’s what you need to do.

Press the Windows icon, tap the gear-shaped icon to open Settings.

Select “Update and Security”. Switch to the “Recovery” tab from the left menu pane.

Uninstall Segurazo Antivirus

Under the “Advanced Startup” section, you’ll see a “Restart Now” button. Tap on it.

Under the “Advanced Startup”

You’ll now be headed to Windows Recovery Mode and Advanced Startup options.

Tap on “Troubleshoot”.

Tap on “Troubleshoot”

Select “Advanced Options”.

Select “Advanced Options”.

Tap on “Startup Settings”.

Hit the “Restart” button.

Tap on “Startup Settings”

Once your device restarts, tap the F5 key to go into the “Safe Mode with Networking”.

Safe Mode with Networking

As soon as you enter the Safe Mode, try uninstalling the Segurazo Antivirus program. While in the Safe Mode, you can also download and install alternative antivirus software that scans your device for potential threats.

Let’s move to the next step and explore how we can delete Segurazo Antivirus by installing an alternative antivirus suite.

#2 Download Systweak Antivirus

Systweak Antivirus is a powerful antivirus suite that scans your device for potential threats, including viruses, malware, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, and Ransomware attacks. It offers real-time protection to your device and safeguards your data from being exposed to hackers. Here’s what you need to do.

Download and Install Systweak Antivirus on your Windows device.

Launch Systweak Antivirus.

systweak antivirus

Pick a Scan mode: Quick Scan, Deep Scan or Custom Scan.

Tap the “Scan Now” button that will begin the scanning process.

Protection type

Sit back and relax while the antivirus tool gets to work and scans for malware traces hidden on your device.

#3 Use Command Prompt

Another effective way to uninstall Segurazo Antivirus is by using the Command Prompt shell. Follow these quick steps:

Open “This PC” placed on the desktop. Browse to the location where Segurazo Antivirus is stored on your device. It will most probably be stored at “(C:) > Program Files (x86) > Segurazo”.

Head on to this location and then copy the exact folder location from the address bar.

Launch the Start menu search box, type “Command Prompt”, right-click on it, and select “Run as Administrator”.

In the Command Prompt Shell, type “Del/f <Filelocation>”

Use Command Prompt

In the “File Location” space, you’ll have to enter the folder location of Segurazo Antivirus which you recently copied.

Hit Enter to execute the command.

Also, once you’re done and if the file is successfully deleted, don’t forget to empty the “Recycle Bin” to empty trash files.

How to Remove Segurazo Antivirus from macOS X?

If Segurazo Antivirus is accidentally a part of your installed applications, follow these quick steps to uninstall the software from your Mac device.

Open Finder, select “Applications” from the left menu pane.

How to Remove Segurazo Antivirus

Locate Segurazo Antivirus, drag and drop the icon to the Trash bin to uninstall the program.

Is Segurazo a virus?

Segurazo cannot be tagged exactly as a “Virus” but yes, it is potentially a threat to your device. It comes embedded along with the Segurazo Antivirus tool that gets installed on your device without your knowledge.

How dangerous is Segurazo?

One of the best ways to check the impact of Segurazo Antivirus is by downloading an alternative security tool. Scan your device using the alternative antivirus software to check if the Segurazo Antivirus is detected as potential malware.

How do I get rid of Segurazo?

Uninstalling Segurazo Antivirus from the Control Panel is quite impossible to achieve. You can either remove Segurazo Antivirus by entering Safe Mode with Networking or deleting the Segurazo Files via Command Prompt shell. Both these methods are listed above in step-by-step detail.


This wraps up our guide on how to uninstall Segurazo Antivirus unwanted applications from Windows and Mac. Name it irony but Segurazo Antivirus claims to secure your device by offering real-time protection but who could’ve thought it could potentially infect your device with malware. Right?  We hope the above-mentioned workarounds prove out to be helpful for you! For any other queries or assistance, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments space.

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