How To Protect Your Mac From A Ransomware Attack?

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For Mac user’s thought of being attacked by ransomware is like a joke. But trust me, no platform, even Apple is not safe from cyber attacks. Ransomware is just an example, but the way it’s spreading is worrisome. Hence, in this article, we will discuss how to keep Mac safe from Mac’s ransomware and delete infections.

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To keep your Mac protected from ransomware and other infections, use the best antivirus tool for Mac. For this, we recommend using Systweak Anti-Malware, a powerful malware, and virus cleaning tool.  To download it, click here.

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What Is Ransomware & What It Does?

As the name implies, ransomware takes control of your Mac and demands a ransom to give back control. A few years ago, it was known to restrict access; however, recently, it has been found to encrypt data and make the data inaccessible. To decrypt this data, the victim needs to pay a ransom in untraceable cryptocurrencies.

While paying for ransom might help, but there’s no guarantee. Hence, falling for these tricks or scams is a bad idea. So, what should be done then?

Luckily, there are a few ways that can help stay protected against these threats. Using them, you can avoid putting your Mac at risk of being infected.

How To Protect Mac From Ransomware Attack

1. Avoid Using Pirated Software

Pirated software is one of the primary sources for spreading ransomware. Hence installing pirated software just to save a few bucks is not recommended. Also, we suggest installing a cracked key or cracked software version is not right. Say, for example; you think using BitTorrent, PirateBay, and similar sites to install software is great as all do it; remember it is a bad idea. There are chances that software installed from these sites might infect your Mac.

In addition to this, be wary of the software that you receive from your friends or acquaintances. Agreed, the temptation of getting something for free cannot be overlooked, but remember, it can cost you a lot. Hence we recommend using trusted software or can try open-source software.

2. Be Careful When Online

If you think malware can spread only by pirated software, then you are wrong. Executable files also spread infections, and they are not easy to detect. To avoid this, Apple introduced Gatekeeper so that only signed apps from certified Apple Developers can be installed. But this stops some legitimate developers, too, as paying $99 yearly to register as an Apple developer is not easy. Therefore, when using an unsigned app, do check the MD5 and other sources.

3. Have Data Backup

Data backup is important; therefore, you always back up your data on an external drive for this; you can use Time Machine or use a cloud backup solution. When it comes to cyberattacks, backup plays a vital role. In addition to this, when not using Time Machine, disconnect it as hackers use it as a source to spread infections.

Also, never install software when the backup is in progress as it might affect the backup or to the least if you end up installing malware. The data you are backing up will also be infected. So, avoid software updates and installation when the backup is in progress.

Use a Trusted Anti-Malware Software

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it: if you think you don’t need a security tool for Mac as it offers Gatekeeper and other security features, then you are not entirely wrong. But there’s no harm in adding extra features and stay protected, right?

For this, you can consider using Systweak Anti-Malware – a robust tool that helps find and remove malware, infected files, startup items, etc. Using this tool, you can scan your Mac and delete both old and latest threats in no time. Also, it offers a scheduler that helps schedule scanning. This means that even if you have forgotten to scan your Mac for infections, Systweak Anti-Malware will do its job and keep the system protected against threats. This sophisticated tool even incorporates anti-phishing, anti-virus, and other security features essential to keep your data and system protected.

To know more about it, you can read the detailed review.

Protect Your Mac From A Ransomware Attack

So, what are you thinking? Or waiting for? Use these tips and Systweak Anti-Malware to stay protected from attacks that you think don’t exist. We hope you found the information helpful and will keep the tips in mind to stay protected from ransomware. Do leave us a comment to share your thoughts.

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