How to Turn Your iPhone Pictures into Beautiful “Memories”

When you take a photograph, you always end up making a memory.

Yes, you got to agree with this! And a big thanks to our iPhone’s awesome camera, taking photos is all we wanna do. If you ever scrolled into iPhone’s Photo app did you ever notice a special section named “Memories”? This is where your iOS arranges all your pictures and videos and turn them into beautiful compositions called as Memories.

But if you don’t like the default collection, you can even create a memory on your own. Let’s see how!

How to Create “Memories” on iPhone

To create your own Memory, follow these quick steps on your iOS device:

  1. Launch the default Photos app on your iPhone and tap the “Photo” icon that appears on the bottom menu.
  2. Now here you can view any particular set of photos or videos. Like, you can tap on “2017” if you wanted to create a Memory incorporating all the photos you took this year.
  3. You could also tap the “Albums” view, tap any collection, and then select a date range to make that collection into a Memory. If you need to make a album in the first place, tap “album”, tap the “+” button, enter a name, and after that select the particular photographs and recordings you need in the collection.iPhone album
  4. Now scroll down, and then tap on “Add to Memories” to create a memory of that particular group of photos. You’ll see the Memory incorporating those photos appear in your Memories category.

iPhone album add to memories

Customizing Your “Memories”

Once the memory is created you can anytime view it under the Memory tab of Photos app. But what if you want to edit or customize an existing Memory like adding some more pictures or maybe a text.

Fortunately, iOS allows us to do this as well. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Tap the “Select” button at the top right corner of your screen, tap one or more photos you want to remove, and then tap the trash can icon.
  2. Supposedly if you want to edit a memory video then, tap the video to begin watching it. You can rapidly alter the video by picking a sort of music—Dreamy, Sentimental, Gentle, Chill, Happy, Uplifting, Epic, Club, and Extreme are the alternatives. You can also pick the video length by tapping the “Short,” “Medium,” or “Long” alternatives.iPhone memories
  3. For more customizations you can tap the “Options” button at the bottom right corner of the window. Here you get some advanced editing features like adding a title to your memory or if you wish to add you own music in the background and more.

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How to Share your Memories

Well, sadly the full memory cannot be shared with a person, however you can share the video of a Memory. To do so simply watch the video, and afterward tap the “Share” button that appears on the bottom menu bar. You can also share it on social media websites site like Facebook, or send it straightforwardly via email.

You can even share an individual photograph or video in a memory by tapping that photograph or video, and then select the “Share” option.

So folks, hope you learned something new today! Now turn your pictures into beautiful memories—something to cherish for a lifetime!

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