Time to Explore Few of iPhone Camera’s Hidden Secrets

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So, you thought clicking selfies from side shutter will make you an iPhone camera Pro? Just because can press the camera button and snap a good looking selfie doesn’t mean you’re making the most of your unimaginably awesome iPhone camera.

Here a few iPhone camera hacks that’ll help you capture better and worthy shots:

1.      Shooting Backlit Subject

Shooting Backlit Subject


Light plays a crucial role in photography. Not just it can add wonders to your image but spoil some precious shots too, if not taken care in the right manner. To shoot perfectly in case of a backlit subject then all you need to do is turn on HDR for better highlights and shadows > Lock focus by pressing and holding anywhere on the display > Tap the display and slide to lower exposure to shoot your photo.

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2.      Capturing a Vertical Panorama

Capturing a Vertical Panorama

Panorama is a great way for capturing massive shots. Begin with camera in landscape > Switch to Pano mode > Tap the shutter to start the Pano > Start from the bottom and pan slow and steadily.

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3.      Shooting a sunset silhouette

Shooting a sunset silhouette

Sunset photography is every camera man’s fantasy. Those rich colors, dramatic lighting and strong shapes can create stunning shots with little need for much effort. To capture the most spectacular sunset shot, place the subject in front of the sun > Lock focus by pressing and holding anywhere on the display > Tap the display and slide to lower exposure > shoot your photo. Embrace the magic!


4.      Shooting the Perfect Still shot while Filming


Those shaky blurry images are of no good, ever!  To capture the perfect still shot from your iPhone camera switch to video mode > Start filming > Tap the white shutter button to capture photos while recording.

5.      The beauty of Black and White

The beauty of Black and White


Monochrome pictures have their own striking appeal. But only few of us know that we can create magic with our iPhone cameras as well. First, create contrast between subject & background > shoot your photo > Now go to your Photos album > Select photo and tap Edit setting > Tap filter button and choose your black & white filter > Play with lights level in filter settings.

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6.      The Street Light Shooting Hack

The Street Light Shooting Hack


Turn off flash > Lock focus by pressing and holding anywhere on the display > Tap the display and slide to adjust to right exposure for clicking the perfect shot.

So here was little knowledge that can go a long way to improve your iPhone shots. Follow these tips in the right manner and we bet you’ll forget about buying a DSLR 😉

So, all set to create Magic, huh?

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