How To Turn On Live Captions On Android 10

With the launch of Android 10, several features were introduced, and people are eager to try them. The upgrade will be rolled out for all Android devices eventually. One of the Android 10 amazing features includes Live Captions for any video or audio messages playing on your phone. This is a useful feature which will help a lot of users. With the successful installation on Android 10, you can use this on your device. However, as the latest update is limited to certain smartphones, most of the Android users would have to wait.

In this article, we will discuss how to turn on Live Captions on Android 10. So, let’s get started!

Turn on Live Caption In Android 10

To use this latest update from Android 10, you need to have the following:

  • Smartphone: Google Pixel 4 or Google Pixel 4 XL.
  • System Update: Android 10.

Although Google is planning to launch the feature on other Google Pixel devices very soon. You will enjoy the feature as soon as Android 10 gets an update in future. This is what is seen from the beginning, and  Google will keep on introducing new features of Android 10 on Pixel devices until all features are launched. However, other smartphones will get Android 10 update until next year.

If you have already upgraded to Android 10 on your smartphone, and not able to see the feature. Do not worry, it is not a flaw, just that your phone will see the live captions on Android 10 at a later stage.

What Is Live Caption In Android 10?

Live Captions on Android 10 will let you see the captions on your screen when you are playing a media file. This is applicable to audio messages as well as videos. This feature is useful, and going to be a hit for the hearing impaired. As they are going to enjoy the videos and audios which were earlier unavailable for them to enjoy. This feature opens a plethora of options for the people around the world to understand the speech better with live captions on the screen. Over a billion people use English as a second language and now can use this feature on their phone to enjoy media better.

live captions on Android 10

The best part about this feature is that you can use it offline. So, you do not need to be connected on WiFi or cellular network to use it while streaming audio or video. This will as well play live captions on your camera recorded files.

To turn it on you need to follow the steps:

  1. Launch Settings app on your device, go to Accessibility.
  2. Scroll down to tap on the Live Caption option.
  3. In this section, first, turn on the toggle switch for Live Caption.

Right below the section shows the various settings namely-

  • Language- For now, it only supports English as the language for captions on your media files. But Google says that more languages will be added soon.
  • Hide Profanity- This is another toggle button which can be used to filter the profanity in a caption for audio and video files.
  • Sound labels – This is a toggle button which gives you the choice to turn the sound labels that appear in live captions. The sound labels include laughter, applause etc.
  • Live Caption in Volume control – It is an option to turn on a live caption for Android 10 device with the volume button. It can be used as easy access to live captions while playing a video or audio message. Use the volume control to turn it on or off quickly with this option enabled. If this option is disabled, you will not see the live caption button on the volume control.

Highlights Of The Live Caption:

  1. You can move the live captions on-screen by touch and hold method. This will make it more appealing to people with ease to view the on-screen video.
  2. Expand live caption for more sentences shown at once. All you need to do is double-tap the live captions.
  3. Helpful to create homemade videos and no need to add captions as Live Caption will be added automatically.
  4. Enjoy the podcasts and audio messages on social media platforms.
  5. No need to use subtitles for the video files.

Wrapping up:

Although the songs are currently not fully supported by the feature, and the language is limited to English, this is one of the most innovative features which will help a large number of people. The only downside is that the process surely takes a toll on the phone battery.

We Are Listening

Please let us know your views on the latest feature on Android 10 in the comments section below. We would also like to know what you will like to use live captions with or if you are already enjoying it how is the experience so far. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to keep getting regular updates of the tech world. Also, follow us on social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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