How to Tune Up Windows 10 PC for Better Performance

Every Windows PC needs maintenance like any other machine on the planet. The difference, however, is that machines need hardware maintenance like oiling and greasing, computers need software maintenance. Without maintenance or optimization, the PC slows down and takes time to respond. In many cases, it starts acting funny and does not respond to your commands. This is when you have to opt for optimization software to speed Windows 10 PC and improve Windows 10 performance.

There are no manual methods that will completely optimize your computer and there isn’t a default built-in application provided by Microsoft on how to speed up the computer using Windows 10. Hence to automate tasks and ease things up, it is recommended to use a third-party optimization software like Advanced PC Tuneup to tune up Windows 10 and improve Windows 10 performance.

How to Tune Up Windows 10 PC

Advanced PC Cleanup: All Optimization Modules Embedded In A Single Interface

Advanced PC Cleanup by Systweak is one of the greatest Windows PC optimization applications for cleaning junk files, erroneous registry entries, freeing up disc space, and increasing RAM and CPU performance. It also clears the cache, cookies, and evidence of identity theft. Not only that, but it also runs malware, spyware, and other threat scans on your Windows operating system. In addition to all this, it also helps to speed up startup times, delete software, and clean up old downloads. Here is a list of tasks that should be carried out while optimizing your computer.

Remove Junk Files: Junk Files are redundant and unused files that can be removed to free up storage space and speed up Windows 10 PC. Advanced PC Cleanup has a dedicated module to remove junk files from the hidden depths of your computer’s hard disk.

Remove Junk Files

Delete Temporary Files: Windows OS and other applications create temp files that are used to speed up a particular process or task. However, after the completion of these tasks, many temporary files are not deleted and remain on your PC. This application scans your hard drive and displays a list of all temporary files that can be deleted with a few mouse clicks.

Delete Temporary Files

Clean Your Registry: The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that includes all the settings and information about your Windows PC. Most of the settings stored are important but the Windows Registry does contain many obsolete and broken entries that should be removed. This is not possible manually as interfering with your Windows Registry can be a risky job. However, Advanced PC Cleanup helps identify broken and unwanted Registry entries and removes them with ease.

Clean Your Registry

Maintain your Startup Apps: Some apps tend to initiate when your PC boots up making them available to use when your PC is up and running. However, these apps also slow down the bootup process and initiate services of apps that you may or may not need. Hence it is recommended to reduce startup items to a minimum so that your computer boots up fine and later you can run the application you wish to use. Advanced PC Cleanup is the recommended application that allows users to manage startup items on your PC  and the best answer on how to make your PC faster on Windows 10.

Maintain your Startup Apps

Remove Redundant Apps: Many applications installed on your PC become redundant over time and are not used. These apps occupy storage space and consume CPU resources in the background. Hence it is better to remove these apps and uninstall them to improve Windows 10 Performance. There is a separate module in Advanced PC Cleanup that helps users to completely remove unwanted applications with ease.

Remove Redundant Apps

Remove Old Files. Old, unused, and unwanted files do not occupy disk space but increase the search time of your Windows operating system. It would be difficult to locate these files manually by navigating to each folder. Instead, you can use Advanced PC Tuneup to search and remove old files for you to speed up Windows 10 PC.

old files

Search & Destroy Malware: There is no apparent method to scan, detect and remove malware from your system manually. This can be done only with the help of an antivirus program that has updated virus definitions. Advanced PC Cleanup removes malware from your PC and saves time, effort, and money to purchase a separate antivirus program for your PC.

Search & Destroy Malware

The Final Word On How to Tune Up Windows 10 PC for Better Performance

Advanced PC Cleanup is an amazing application that can carry out all the optimization tasks on your Windows PC with a few mouse clicks. It has many modules embedded under one interface as well as a magic One-Click button to canary out all the scans listed above with a single mouse click. Once the results are displayed, you can check each module and choose what to keep or delete, and you can speed up Windows 10 PC and improve Windows 10 performance with ease. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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