How to Troubleshoot AirDrop Not Working on Mac

AirDrop is designed to easily share photos, music, and other data files across compatible Mac OS and iOS devices.

However, users sometimes report that it does not work on their Mac while trying to share files with other iDevices.

If you are also facing the same problem with your Mac, here is how you can quickly make it work.

Ensure Your Devices are Compatible

Make sure your Mac is OS X Yosemite or later version. Also, make sure that the other device you are using for AirDrop must be an AirDrop supported device. In case you wish to transfer between your iOS devices, it should be an iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4 or later and iPod 5th generation or newer.

Turn OFF Do Not Disturb

DND mode suppresses the AirDrop alert and due to this, the device become undiscoverable. So, turn off Do Not Disturb mode to make Mac device discoverable via AirDrop.

You can follow the steps below to disable Do Not Disturb Mode on your Mac.

  • Click on the Notifications icon located at the top right corner and then toggle OFF the option for Do Not Disturb Mode.
    turn off DND

In case you wish to use AirDrop between your Mac and iOS devices, make sure that Do Not Disturb Mode is disabled on the receiving iOS device as well.

Check AirDrop Share Setting

AirDrop provides two share options: Everyone and Contacts Only. In case you are trying to send or receive data from those who are not in your Contact List. You need to enable the option with Everyone. However, if you choose Contacts Only, you can get files shared only from those who are in your contacts.

Therefore, set the receive option to Everyone. To do so you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to Finder Icon on your Mac.
    airdrop settings to check
  • Now, click on AirDrop option and then click on, ‘Allow me to be discovered by’ under AirDrop icon and select Everyone.

Turn ON WiFi and Bluetooth:

To share and transfer files with AirDrop, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth needs to be turned on. Hence, make sure that both Bluetooth and WiFi are turned ON.

  • Go to Finder Icon on your Mac.
    turn on wifi
  • Now, click on the AirDrop option and then click on Turn ON WiFi and Bluetooth.
    turn on bluetooth

In case Bluetooth is enabled on your Mac, you should Turn ON WiFi button as well. Similarly, in case WiFi is already enabled on your Mac, you should Turn on Bluetooth button as well.

Check Firewall Settings

Make sure you have turned off “Block all incoming communications” in Firewall on your Mac. If you have not done yet, you can follow the steps below:

  • Click the Apple menu button on the top left of your screen.
  • Click System Preferences.
    check firewall
  • From the System Preferences window, click on Security & Privacy.
  • Here, click on the Firewall tab and then click on Firewall.
    firewall option
  • Now, Uncheck the box next to Block all incoming connections and click on OK.
    block incoming connection

Check Distance Between Devices

AirDrop’s actual range of operation is 30ft, as it works on Bluetooth technology. Hence, make sure that the device that you are trying to AirDrop Files, Photos, etc. is within 30 feet of the other device.

In certain cases, the Bluetooth reception might be weaker than normal or blocked by obstacles such as electromagnetic fields, walls and physical objects, and other electronic devices.

In such cases, you may have to move the devices even closer to each other to improve Bluetooth reception.

That’s it. Use the above-mentioned solutions and congratulate yourself as you can now successfully share files using AirDrop on your Mac.

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