How To Track Your Kids Using iPhone

With changing time, the preference and games of kids have changed from outdoor to mobile. Had it been the 90’s most of the parents would have found their kids outside the house playing in dirt with bruises. Well, it is not 90’s anymore and the playgrounds have narrowed down to mobile phones. Today, if you want to find your kids, it is only possible if they want you to find them. But, if you’ve gifted your kids the iPhone, there are some ways to find their location on map. So, let’s take a look on how to track your kids with an iPhone:

Track Your Kids Using iPhone


1. Track your Kids with Find My Friends:

Find My Friends is one of the best ways to track your kids with iPhone. Before you set up, make sure that your kid carries the iPhone or a cellular iPad with a working Internet connection. This app and feature would not work without Internet as it requires to share the location. It is important to know that turning on the GPS of your kid’s phone would not work as they show you in the movies. The GPS of a phone is a very private thing.
To start with, take your kid’s iPhone and launch Settings. There, tap on your kid’s name at the top and select Family Sharing. Proceed to tap on Location sharing, tap Share Your Location on the first screen below. Once done, it opens another screen.
On the second screen, select which device the iCloud should use to share your kids’ location. You may also choose to share your kid’s location with other family members to keep a keen eye.

Track your Kids with Find My Friends

Source: Apple

When you’re done setting up your kid’s iPhone, it is the time to track. Just launch the Find My Friend app and you can see a map with pulsing dots that shows you the location of everyone who has allowed you to see their location. This includes your kid’s iPhone too.

Track your Kids with Find My Friends 2

Source: Apple

2. Track with Message App:

If you think your kids might question the tracking application, it is better to play safe and use another great way of tracking – the message app. If you wish to know the location of your kid, launch the message app and go to the conversation thread that includes your kid. Then, tap on the little information icon ? (small circle with an ‘i’ in it) at the right-hand side top corner. This would launch the map on the entire screen and show you their location.

Track with Message App

If you follow the above trick in a group, it would show you the location of everyone included in the group. If its a private conversation, you’ll be shared with the location of the only person you’ve had chat.

Overall, if you’re afraid of handing a tech gadget to your kids, you must also consider the benefits associated. Although, experts do not recommend to let your kids even use any such device, but if it lets you keep an eye on their well-being, its okay. In case you’re skeptical about giving an iPhone to your kids, you may apply the parental lock and then hand it over. If you know some more interesting ways to track your kids using an iPhone, do let us know in the comments below.

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