How to Track Hours You Spend Playing on PS4 and Xbox

Amid this Coronavirus outbreak, the term “Quarantine” might have gained a bad impression. But if you ask your inner self, Quarantine is not that bad. Isn’t it? This Quarantine period has given us ample time to be with our loved ones, spend our time doing something productive, and embrace every single day as an opportunity to learn something new. No matter how “truly” bored this Quarantine makes us, we will miss this golden phase once the world starts getting back on its feet again!

So, how is your bored-self with Quarantine? We’re sure most of you must be spending your majority of time on your living room’s couch, playing video games on your PS4 or Xbox console for endless hours. Well, Quarantine has different impacts on different people. (No judgment here)

Hours Your Spend Playing on PS4 and Xbox
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Playing games on PS4 and Xbox not just allows you to kill time but sounds exceptionally entertaining. Days, nights, another day, another night, and repeat, time flies when you’re having fun. Although, you may not realize it sometimes that how much of your time you’re spending on playing games. Is there any way to find out how many hours you spent playing games on PS4 or Xbox console? Well, yes, of course, there is.

Hours Your Spend Playing on PS4 and Xbox
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Let’s learn how we can track hours played on PS4 and Xbox with the help of a step by step guide.

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How to Track Hours Played on PlayStation 4 ?

One of the most legitimate ways of knowing your gameplay hours is via the PlayStation newsletter. Once you subscribe to the PlayStation’s weekly newsletter, you will get all the necessary info delivered directly to your mailbox. The PlayStation newsletter will prove you personalized info about your account, number of hours you’re spending on individual games, upcoming events details, new releases, and all sorts of relevant information that might pique your interest.

How to Track Hours Played on PlayStation 4
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So, to sign up to PlayStation newsletter, head on to your Sony account and log in with your credentials. Tap on “Notification Settings” and then, check on “Yes, I would like to receive personalized info and offers related to PlayStation and Sony”.

How to Track Hours Played on PlayStation 4

Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button to save your current settings.

How to Track Gameplay Hours on Xbox ?

Follow these below-mentioned steps to track how many hours you’re spending while playing games on your Xbox console.

Load the Xbox gaming console and navigate to the main screen where all the gaming titles are displayed on the screen.

How to Track Gameplay Hours on Xbox
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Now, pick any game from the list whose gaming hours info you would like to retrieve. Once the gaming icon is highlighted, tap the “hamburger” menu key on your Xbox controller.

Tap on the “Go to Official Club” option on the pop-up menu that appears on the screen.

appears on the screen
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Keep scrolling left or right until you reach the “Achievements” page.

Scroll down the page and then tap on the “Stats” tab. Here you will find all the information that you’re looking for including your gameplay hours.

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While being aware of the accurate statistics, you can manage your time wisely. If you’re spending too much time with your console, then maybe you need to take a little break to curb your addiction. When it comes to games, there’s a thin line difference between entertainment and addiction. Once you’re able to track hours played on PS4 and Xbox, you will be able to balance your life smartly, by taking out time to do other things as well.

After all, moderation is the key to a healthy, wealthy, and balanced life. Don’t you agree with us?

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