How To Stop Someone From Following You On Instagram

Instagram is working hard to provide easy management tools to its clients so that they can decide who can follow them or who cannot. People are able to influence the world through their Instagram accounts and changing the course of plans. But in the midst of this, there are some people who annoy you for promotion of their brand or irritate you by sending unnecessary messages that disrupt your mood and pace of work.

For all the cases, Instagram began with the feature of removing unwanted followers for those who had private accounts. Thankfully, it is now possible for everyone without creating the need for blocking the person. Through this blog, we will quickly tell you how to stop people following you on Instagram and have a stress free and safe social media life!

How To Stop People From Following You On Instagram

Remember that here we are telling you how to stop someone from following you on Instagram without blocking them. In case you are removing a follower, he can request you to follow once again.

If your account is not private, he can start following you again without your permission. We will discuss how to sort these issues after covering how to stop people from following you on Instagram.

Step 1: Open your Instagram account and tap on the Profile icon from the bottom right. On this page, tap on the number of followers you have. For example, here ‘500 Followers’ are being tapped.

Step 2: With new updates, you can now find out ‘Remove’ against every name. Those whom you are not following will also highlight ‘Follow’ in light blue color. In case, you wish to remove anyone, tap on the ‘Remove’ button and it will be done.

stop people from following on instagram

This is indeed a simple way to remove someone from following you on Instagram.

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How To Block Someone On Instagram?

Since the above method is not a great idea if you wish the follower to never see you back. In that case, you can choose to block them on Instagram which involves simple steps.

Step 1: Open profile of the person whom you wish to block.

Step 2: Tap on three buttons at the top. (Horizontal dots in iOS and vertical dots in Android)

Step 3: Tap Block.

Step 4: Tap Block once again to reconfirm.

click on block

And it’s done! This person cannot see you again anymore.

Bonus Tip – Consider Removing Bots, Spammers & Dead Accounts From Your Profile 

Take the help of a reliable Instagram cleaner tool like SpamGuard to get the job done! Using the web app, you can run a robust scan on your profile to identify all types of spam accounts, bots, inactive, non-mutual, and irrelevant commercial accounts. 

Here’re some of the most prominent highlights of using SpamGuard, Instagram Cleaner: 

  • You don’t need to download any additional app on your device, as it’s web-based. 
  • Allows you to clean up to four Instagram accounts via a single dashboard. 
  • White list your favorite profiles, so that SpamGuard doesn’t block them. 
  • Get detailed daily reports on the number of spam accounts, bots, and inactive followers that are removed. 
  • Keeps on improving its algorithms to detect bots and other threats that might hamper your social networking experience. 

Spamguard scan and cleaning

Enjoy a filtered and clutter-free experience while using Instagram with SpamGuard!

How To Report A Follower Abusing Or Harassing You?

There are so many instances when a follower or an abuser keeps sending you messages and following you back again and again despite warnings. In that case, Instagram stands along with you!

You can choose to fill out the Report form on the Instagram help center. From here, you can find options like whether you can report a post or a profile. It is recommended by Instagram that you shall block the person right after reporting and Instagram will take the right actions following it.

Follower Removed!

Now you get how to stop someone from following you on Instagram or how to remove someone from following you, you know the right course of action already. By the time, also have a look at:

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