How To Stop People From Tagging You On Facebook?

Sometimes I really get annoyed when people tag me in their pictures having random messages, photos I have no connection with or even in somebody else’s anniversaries. And at that moment, I always think about how to turn off tagging on Facebook.

Though I am not personally against tagging because this is one of the best ways to get back to some old memories when my friends tag me. Or even they wish me on my birthdays through our common pictures. Yet, in many cases, situations are quite infuriating.

If you are also looking for a solution on how to stop people from tagging you on Facebook, you can totally rely on this blog for the same.

Stop People From Tagging You On Facebook


Follow these steps on your browser to prevent people from tagging you on Facebook

Step 1: Login to your account with relevant credentials.

Step 2: Click on the downward arrow icon (top-right) from the top bar and open your account’s Settings.

Step 3: Click on Timeline and Tagging from the left-hand panel on this screen.

Step 4: Under the ‘Review’ section, you can find ‘review posts that you’re tagged in before the posts appear on your timeline’. Click on Edit beside it.

Timeline and tagging settings

Step 5: Once you click on Edit, the menu drops down and you can locate the button of ‘Disabled’. Click on it and make it ‘Enabled’.

Review the Timeline

This feature will stop someone from mentioning you on Facebook to some extent. You will be notified that someone wants to tag you on a post and now it’s in your hands to approve or disapprove it.


Step 1: Launch your Facebook application.

Step 2: Tap on the three horizontal lines from top right and choose ‘Settings & Privacy’.

Step 3: Tap on it and tap Settings once again.

Facebook Settings

Step 4: Scroll down and locate Timeline & Tagging under the Privacy section.

Step 5: Here in the Review section, check Review posts you’re tagged in before the post appears on your timeline and open it.

Step 6: Toggle the switch on present in front of the Tag Review.

Facebook Settings 2

Customize People Who Can See Your Tagged Posts

OK, so there have been times when I did not want my particular set of friends to see my tagged posts. Yes, we had some grudges but let’s not bring them here.

I will NOT tell you how I turn off tagging on Facebook through this section but help you in making some tiny changes so that those who should not be watching it will never know what’s happening on your tagged timeline.

Under the same section of Timeline & Tagging, find out the ‘Tagging’ section with sub-options of ‘Custom’ beside them.

facebook customize

Once you press Edit against these options, you can make customization as per your needs.

custom tagging

You get to choose Everyone, Friends, Friends except (some of whom you want to remove), specific friends, Only me, etc.

In my case, I had to choose ‘Friends except’ and selected the names I wished to remove individually. Yes, and my work was a bit simplified and I had no need to give explanations to anyone.

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How To Disable Facial Recognition Auto-Tagging Of Images On Facebook?

Step 1: Open Setting from your Facebook homepage.

Step 2: Select Face Recognition from the left side panel.

Facial Recognition

Step 3: As you choose to Edit the settings, a question appears Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos? Click ‘No’ from the section.

Facebook detection

This setting allows Facebook to not to detect your face by itself and tag you in various photos and videos.

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How To Remove Tags From Existing Photos?

Though you have stopped people from tagging you on Facebook, you can also remove individual tags from the photos. Here’s how!

Step 1: Reach to your timeline to view the posts.

Step 2: Click on the three dots above the post and a menu will appear.

Step 3: Select ‘Remove Tag’. Press OK to the next pop-up message.

remove tags

And you can successfully remove the tagging of the picture which ultimately will not pop-up on your timeline.

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With these steps above, I could finally stop people from tagging me on Facebook. And honestly, this is what you might also prefer for your security, privacy, and method to stay away from annoying posts.

Stop someone from mentioning you on Facebook today and have a hassle-free secure posting further.

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    This is really a very informative article. Now I can stop someone from tagging on Facebook. Thank you so much.

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