How To Save A Word Document As An Image In Windows PC

Are you trying to figure out how to effectively save a Microsoft Word document on Windows as a JPEG image? This post will demonstrate several ways to save DOC/DOCX document files into JPEG images.

  • To save Word as a JPEG, use the Windows Snipping Tool.
  • Convert PDF to JPEG after saving Word as PDF.
  • A free online program can be used to convert Word to JPEG.
  • Use a free desktop program to convert Word to JPEG.

How To Save A Word Document As An Image In Windows PC

Method 1: Save Word as JPEG using the Windows Snipping Tool

To save your Word document as a JPEG picture file, utilize Windows Snipping Tool. You can utilize a screenshot tool to save your Word document as a JPEG image as Microsoft Word doesn’t directly offer this option. Snipping utility is a screenshot utility included with Windows that assists you in taking screenshots on your computer. It allows you to save Word as a JPEG. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open the document that you wish to save as a JPEG image in Microsoft Word first. For a clear output image, you can also use the Zoom tool to enlarge the page view.

Step 2: Next, use Windows Search to find the Snipping Tool and click the New button.

Step 3: Now you may draw a rectangle around the Word document using the rectangle select tool.

rectangle select tool

Step 4: The document screenshot will be taken when you choose the area and opened in the Snipping Tool.

Step 5: Click the Save as button in the Snipping Tool window now. After that, select JPEG as the Save as file type, type the filename, and click the Save button.

By doing this, the active Word document will be saved as a JPEG image.

Note: To save the remaining sections or pages of your Word document as JPEG images, repeat the procedure.

Additionally, you may use Ctrl+P to open your document in Print Preview mode, and then Snip the complete document.

Method 2: Convert Word To PDF And Then To JPEG Conversion

Another way to save a Microsoft Word document is as a PDF file first, then convert the PDF to JPEG image format. After that, you can use free software like PDFMate PDF Converter, Advanced PDF Utilities, PDFShaper, etc. to convert PDF to JPEG online.

You can open the original file in Microsoft Word and choose File > Save As from the menu. Then select PDF as the output file format and click the Save button. Once the file has been saved as a PDF, you can convert PDF to JPEG photos using a special converter application.

Method 3: Utilize a free online tool to convert Word to JPEG

Utilize a free online tool to convert Word to JPEG

You can always use an online conversion tool to save Word documents as JPEG images. Fortunately, there are several free Word-to-JPEG converter websites available. Therefore, you can easily convert Word to JPEG online free of cost. Additionally, these converters carry out all the work automatically and simultaneously save every page of a Word document as a JPEG image.

You can use the following free online Word-to-JPEG converter tools:

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Method 4: Use A Free Desktop Program To Convert Word To JPEG

Your DOC, DOCX, or other Word documents can also be converted to JPEG photos using a free desktop program. A Microsoft Word document can be rapidly converted to a JPEG image with the free Word to JPG software. This free tool allows you to convert DOC and DOCX files to JPEG photos.

Step 1: Download Word To JPG app.

Step 2: Launch the app after downloading it and begin the installation process.

Step 3: Then, choose the output folder where you wish to save the resultant photographs after browsing and selecting the source Word document.

Step 4: Adjust the image quality and you can start the conversion process by clicking the Convert button.

Adjust the image quality

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The Final Word

The aforementioned methods will help you to convert your document to an image format that you can use on your mobile device with ease. You can opt for the online Word to JPG converters if you are not concerned with uploading your documents on these servers.

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