How to Restrict Background Data Usage in Android

Having used Android device, you must have come across quick drained out mobile data. Perhaps, not every time you use all your mobile data yet you run out of it much more than you expect. So have you ever contemplated what’s eating up your mobile data? Worry not, we are here to give an answer to that.

Although, Android devices are known and preferred for their convenience and simplicity, they are often loathed for unexpected issues such as storage space running out, battery draining out or else mobile data running out before you even get to know. More often than not, these issues pertain to apps and data you keep on your device and so are absolutely controllable. This write up will help figure out what’s eating mobile data on your phone (which could have been used elsewhere) and how can you restrict data usage on your android.

What’s eating mobile data on your phone?

Applications on your Android make it worth using. However, they are also the reason behind quick data usage. Every app installed on your phone consumes data, sometimes for all good reasons, while at others, for no reason. The latter can be blamed on apps on your device that consumes mobile data unnecessarily. Such apps eat up mobile data silently in background.

You can take control of your mobile data and halt these apps from consuming it. This can simply be done by restricting background data.

Background data is data consumed by any app while running in background. So if you use WhatsApp on your device a lot then it’d consume data in foreground, however, if you don’t then it will consume data in background. Having said that, not all applications use equal amount of data in background. This differs largely and it is absolutely safe to restrict background data for apps that you don’t often use and consume most data pack on your device.

How to Restrict Background Data Usage in Android?

No wonder Android are handy phone. They have everything you’d need for suitable usage. And so device also supports data usage customization. Here is how you can restrict background data on your Android.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Data usage.
  • Tap on options in it.
  • Tap on Restrict background data.
  • Now confirm.

This was about restricting data for all apps. You can even decide on which app to use data on your phone and which shouldn’t. Follow these steps to restrict certain apps from using data on your device.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Data usage.
  • Scroll down and find apps that consumes most data on your device and you don’t often use them.
  • Tap on the app.
  • Turn on Restrict app background data.
  • Now confirm.

You’ll be able to stop these apps from taking away your precious data and yes, you’ll be able to reduce data usage on your android. Further, this setting is reset when launch the app next. So if you have halt data usage for some app today and you open the next day, then that will again start consuming data in background.


  • comment_avtar
    i see this article is a couple years old – but i keep seeing “restrict background data on mobile”…but no tool for limiting background data always(including wifi) – i must be in the minority of mobile users, the perfect setup for me would to have only the opened apps using processor or data, and nothing running in the background. but, apps seem to keep trying to find ways to keep themselves running always and all inclusive permissions, especially google apps(which seem to bypass all settings). so the end question is how can i make sure an app never runs unless opened, regardless of internet connection style? any help would be appreciated

    3 years ago

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