How To Remove Shadows From Photos?

You click pictures to capture your precious moments. Then comes the part to edit and boast about them on social media. What if you capture a perfect image but then you notice a shadow Well, shadows can cause crush your dream of getting a perfect picture to reminisce.  Now, the question arises, how would you remove shadows from a photo on your devices?

Whether you are into photography or just someone capturing their moments, you might have come across editing tools. Some editing tools can help you remove shadows from your photos.

In this post, we will discuss such apps that can help you perfect picture by removing shadows.

Remove Shadow From Photo-

Since shadows can clearly make or break a picture, we need to remove them very precisely. A certain light cannot always be used for clicking pictures, so the shadows can’t be controlled. Although, several tools are available which can be used to remove the shadows from pictures. Natural light is not readily available always and thus creating shadows. The problem arises when you have an amazing picture, but one shadow makes it look weird. Also when it is not possible to crop out the area with the shadow, it becomes necessary to get a tool to do the task.

Let’s begin with a list of some of the best tools to remove shadows from photos-

1. Wondershare FotoPhire Focus

Wondershare FotoPhire Focus is an ultimate photo editing tool kit for Windows. You can crop any image, remove an object from the image and make parts of it blurry. When the need is to remove shadows from any picture, it will do the trick. With FotoPhire Focus, you can erase a part of the image with the Photo Eraser which is a part of the toolkit. Simply open the picture in the tool, select the brush size and mark the shadow. Tap Erase button and the shadow is neatly removed from the image.

Before Edit-

Wondershare FotoPhire Focus

After Edit-

Wondershare FotoPhire Focus-1

Get it here.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool which can be used to edit almost everything in your images

If you want to remove a shadow from any photo, this is the best software to look forward to. The images with the shadows can be easily corrected by the tools. It can also edit the shadows on any object which is particularly hard to remove completely. Such images with shadows on the object are then lightened with the editing tools in Photoshop. It is more of a professional tool which is an expert for all kinds of photo edits and you can count on it. Head to Images> Adjustments> Shadows to remove shadows from photos in photoshop.


Get it here.



GIMP is a free photo editing tool that can be used to retouch high definition pictures. You can get this tool to effectively remove the shadows in an image. This is a user-friendly tool and can be a good option to be used when you don’t want to download the bulky software. It is available for Windows 7 and above versions. Open the image on GIMP and go to Colors> Shadows> Highlights to remove the shadows. With the easy steps, you will be able to remove shadow from photos.

Get it here.

4. Pixlr

Using Pixlr you can remove shadow from photo online for free. Use can use the clone stamp in this one to create an effect within the background over the shadow area. This will smoothly cover up shadows and you will see a proper background on the image. Use this online method to remove shadow from pictures using your phone or PC. Move to the

Before Edit-


After Edit-


Go to Website.

5. InPaint photo editing software

InPaint Photo Editing software uses the simple mark and delete tool to remove shadows from pictures. It will require you to open the image on the tool on your System and then select the shadow part. It will then merge it with the background of the image. This is mostly effective on shadow on the plain background with on objects in the overlays. You no more need to crop the image it ideally deletes the shadow from it. This software is available for download on Windows.

Before Edit-

InPaint photo editing software

After Edit-

InPaint photo editing software-1

Go to Website.

Additionally use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for you Windows pc to remove the duplicates created after editing. This is one of the best tools to delete duplicate images from your system. Download the tool from the link below and run the installation. Look for duplicates in the particular folder or search the entire system. Free up the space in your system with this fantastic tool which will help you organize the images by deleting the unwanted duplicates. It is also available for iOS, Mac, and Android.


With all these solutions presented in this article, we hope you will be able to get rid of the shadow in your photos. Adobe Photoshop is however the best solution for removing the shadows from an image. You can try the online tools for a quick option as it would not make you wait for installation of a tool.

Please let us know in the comments section if you find the article helpful and which tool do you use to remove the shadows from photos. Subscribe to our channel to get regular updates in your mailbox. Also, follow us on social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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