How To Recover Deleted Apps And Games On Android Smartphones?

Accidentally deleting an app or game on your Android device is a common occurrence. Android users frequently encounter situations where they need to restore deleted apps on their devices. This can happen due to a quick swipe gone wrong, an unexpected app crash, or system updates triggering unintended removals. But fear not, My friend! Recovering deleted apps and games is often easier than you might think. There are several methods available to recover deleted apps and games on Android devices. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore these methods step-by-step, ensuring you can easily retrieve your favorite apps and games with ease.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Do Apps/Games Get Deleted?

Apps can be removed for several reasons, such as inadvertent removal, malware-induced corruption, device resets, or factory resets. Errors that occur during data transfers between two smartphones can also serve as a factor in the removal of an app. Do not feel isolated as these are widespread problems. Fortunately, restoring your games and apps is a simple procedure that takes a few minutes at most.

Recover Deleted Apps and Games on Android Smartphones

The Google Play Store maintains a record of previously installed apps and games. Here’s a guide on recovering deleted apps and games directly from the Google Play Store.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store app.

Step 2: Navigate to the top right corner of the screen and open your Google account by tapping on your profile icon.

profile icon

Step 3: Tap “Manage Apps and Device”, which will take you to the overview menu.

Manage Apps and Device

Step 4: Now again tap on Manage.


Step 5: Click on the installed button and then choose Not installed. This will provide you with a list of games and apps that you have deleted or uninstalled from your device at any point in time.

Not installed

Step 6: Now check the box of the particular app/games you want to recover or reinstall and hit the download icon from the top.


Make sure to verify that you have sufficient storage space to keep the reinstalled apps. And there you have it! That’s how you recover deleted games and apps on your Android smartphone.

Recover Deleted Apps and Games via Galaxy Store (For Samsung Smartphone users)

Step 1: Open the Galaxy Store application on your smartphone.

Step 2: Tap on the Hamburger icon from the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Hamburger icon

Step 3: Now click on the My apps option from the top.

My apps

Step 4: Then click on the Sorting icon as shown below.

Sorting icon

Step 5: Enable the ‘Show installed apps’ option by hitting the toggle switch. Choose any one option from: Date purchased, Name, or Size. Tap on OK.

Show installed apps

Step 6: You will then see a list of recently deleted apps. Examine them and click on the download icon right next to the app you want to reinstall or recover.

Preventing Future Data Loss

To avoid the stress of app recovery in the future, consider implementing these preventative measures:

1. Enable Cloud Backups: Whenever possible, activate cloud backup features within your essential apps. This ensures your data is safe even if you uninstall or lose your device.

2. Regular Backups: Regularly back up your entire data using a reliable backup solution. This allows you to restore not only app data but also other critical information in case of data loss due to various factors.

3. Mindful Uninstallation: Before deleting any app, double-check that you no longer need it. Consider archiving apps you seldom use but don’t want to permanently delete instead of uninstalling them.

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Recover Lost Apps and Games: A Guide for Android Users

Recovering deleted apps and games on Android is often achievable through the intuitive method provided by the Google Play Store. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can efficiently restore your lost digital treasures and continue enjoying your favorite apps and games.

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