How to Quickly Rename Multiple Files in Windows Without Any Software

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Sometimes you might feel the need to rename your files to distinguish them from other files. Renaming a file can easily be done by right clicking them and choosing the rename option. However, it is not so easy if you want to rename multiple files. In this article, we are listing some easy ways to rename several files at once, without using a dedicated third-party software or app.

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Method 1: Selecting multiple files and renaming:

  1. Select the files you want to rename using image files
  2. Now right click on one of the files you have selected and give the name you want to keep common in all the files.Rename images
  3. Give the file desired name and all the files will be named with the prefix of the given name. In this examples files are named with Test and as you can see files are named successfully.rename multiple files
  4. This is how you have renamed files with the same prefix and numerical prefix. Now if you want to attach them or select them together you can sort files with name and renamed files will be together.Renaming files

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Method 2: Using Tab key to rename multiple files:

If you will go for this method, you do not need to individually right click and select rename for each file

  1. Collect all the files you want to rename in a separate folder.collect and seperate folder
  2. Now right click on one file, select rename and give the desired name. Also, copy the name you are giving to the file.rename collect and seperate folder
  3. After giving the desired name to the file do not press enter here you must press Tabdesired file name
  4. Name of the next file will be selected. Paste the copied name here and add some suffixadd some suffix

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Note: while renaming files from this method you need to keep the name a slightly different from each other because you cannot give exact same name to two files.

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