How To Protect Your Company Data Against Theft And Misuse!

Without most of the companies turning their businesses digital and online, the protection of customer data has become more important than ever. The company’s servers are the best sources of information about its customer’s details and hence are the most targeted areas for malware/ransomware attacks. These attacks can be prevented by using powerful VPNs and real-time Antivirus but what about old machines and hard drives that are either sold off at scrap prices or discarded as junk. How do companies protect customer information that is stored on the discarded products?

Another alarming development in the field of computer software is the invention of Disk Recovery Software that can recover data from hard drives even after deleting them from the Recycle bin or a complete format of the system. This means that even if you permanently delete all the files or format the driver and even erase the partitions, the data that once existed in your disk can be partially recovered. The good news is that to protect your company data, you can now use the O & O SafeErase 16 application that deletes files from your hard disk in such a way that recovery of those files is not possible.

O&O Safeerase 16: Safeguard Your Company’s Data From Theft And Misuse!


O&O SafeErase provides the highest level of security for your sensitive company data, such as during a migration to a new operating system. When you sell, give away, or dispose of your old PC, servers, or hard drives, your secret records might easily get into the wrong hands. Identity theft is now a common security concern. This is because selecting “Delete” does not mean your data will be permanently removed. Even formatting the hard disc will not erase data permanently! This application can help you to protect your company data with the following features:

Don’t Put Your Private Information In Danger!

O&O SafeErase permanently deletes your confidential files using industry-standard procedures, making it impossible to retrieve them even with the best file recovery tools. It also deletes all of your internet histories, ensuring that no one can track your online surfing activities and that your online accounts are safe from data thieves or hackers. All internal information, such as customer data and figures for the sales and bookkeeping departments, is stored on your company’s servers. That also applies to backups containing critical data accumulated over time. If you ever decide to replace a single disc or an entire server with a new one, the data on your old discs or servers can soon become a big security concern.

Allow O&O SafeErase to permanently remove your worn-out discs using scientifically proven procedures to protect yourself. You can choose from six different deletion techniques, each with its unique type of deletion and level of protection.

Erase An Entire Computer Or Server Securely.


Before you dispose of, sell, or give your computer away, destroy the entire machine to ensure that all confidential files are permanently deleted. All data, settings, apps, and the operating system are destroyed, making file recovery impossible. You may be assured that no one will ever recover and misuse personal information, ensuring that you are protected from identity theft. Even without a start medium, O&O SafeErase can erase your complete computer (e.g. a Boot CD).


There Are Six Ways To Ensure Your Safety.


Depending on your needs, you can choose from six distinct deletion techniques. The number of runs and the overwrites procedure varied amongst the deletion methods. Aside from the standardized deletion methods used by the US Department of Defense (DoD) and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), you can utilize the Gutmann-Procedure, a complicated mathematical method that meets the highest security criteria.

Use O&O Safeerase Without Installing It First

O&O SafeErase

The bootable O&O SafeErase Admin Edition is recommended if you want to utilize O&O SafeErase on numerous PCs and servers. This is licensed to a single system administrator and can be installed on any computer in the firm as long as the administrator has the relevant rights.

The bootable O&O SafeErase Tech Edition is ideal for providing secure data eradication as part of your IT services. The Tech Edition is licensed for usage as part of a business’s external service offering. It is licensed per technician, who can use it to wipe data from an unlimited number of machines. There is no need for a working Windows environment because the O&O SafeErase Admin Edition and O&O SafeErase Tech Edition bootable discs run under Windows PE.

The Final Word On How To Protect Your Company Data Against Theft And Misuse!

The O&O SafeErase 16 is an amazing application that is the perfect answer on how to protect customer data. It helps to erase all remnants of the data on your storage drives before disposing of them or reusing them. This will prevent identity theft and ascertain how companies protect customer information and keep the data safe. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

FAQs –

What can I do to prevent data theft?

Data Theft happens when people with malicious intent try to hack into the company’s online server and steal information. This can be prevented by using a powerful firewall, antivirus, and VPN service. There is another way of scavenging data from old and redundant hard disks and storage media by using disk recovery software. This type of data theft can be prevented if companies use O&O SafeErase 16 to wipe the contents of their old disks before disposing of them.

What kind of information is stolen from a business?

There is a lot of information that online businesses hold like personal details of customers and information about the organization. This data can be protected by using O&O SafeErase 16 to delete all the hidden data from old hard disks.

How can I protect my company’s sensitive data?

The sensitive data can be protected by any organization by securing their network by using a VPN service. For data on old hard drives and other storage disks, you can use O&O SafeErase 16 to completely wipe out the information.

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