How To Print Photos Directly From A Digital Camera


Technology has empowered the world up to an extent wherein everything is possible. Who would have thought 10 years ago, if you could even get a photo printed directly from your camera? Well, now you don’t think twice before commanding it to give your memory a tangible form. Many new digital cameras are now capable of rendering printouts of your photos directly from the camera, both wirelessly and through an USB cable.

print photos direct

Although, the facility may not be in every digital camera, if you’re planning to buy one, consider this feature before you owe one. Its handy and saves you a lot of precious time. Today, we’re going to brief on how to print photos directly from a camera:

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Pair the camera to the printer:

Pairing is a process to introduce both the devices to each other in order to make them communicate and take the result out of it. You may encounter some problems when you possess the brand of a camera that requires specific software to let the print out directly or it supports to a particular brand of the printer. We suggest you go through the camera manual before proceeding.

Try PictBridge:

If you can’t figure out the pairing and brand mystery, give PictBridge a try. PictBridge is a historical computing industry standard introduced in 2003 from the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) for direct printing. It’s a common built-in software in most of the cameras. It lets you adjust the size, no. of copies etc. If your camera has it, it should automatically display on the screen as soon as you connect to a printer.

USB type:

If you’re camera doesn’t support Wi-Fi, you have to go through cables. When connecting to a USB, determine the type of cable your camera supports, as its smaller than usual USB, which cameras support these days, probably Mini-B. Although, its not going to be easy for you as manufactures have almost stopped providing the USB cable along with the kit, you either buy, borrow or steal.

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Keep the power going:

You don’t want to disturb the whole system by letting the camera died in the middle of the process. Always keep the AC adapter at the arm’s length. However, it is important that you turn the camera off and turn it back on only when the cable is connected to both the devices. Here, make sure you don’t use a USB hub or any mediating device and connect it directly to the device port.


I always prefer Wi-Fi over any physical connection between devices as it is more reliable and covers a larger area. The new cameras come with built-in Wi-Fi support for printers and other devices. On the other hand, printing over Wi-Fi is exactly the same as over USB but easier to perform.


No, you don’t have the keyboard on your camera but your print-out is just a tap away. Once all the connections are established just command it to print and wait for your memory to form a shape. Unfortunately, the option to give your images a touch or edit them may not be available, but as far as its printing that handy, I’m not complaining.

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