Amazon Prime Subtitles Too Small? Change Font Size To Larger

change subtitle size on amazon prime by modifying closed captioning

In this article we will explain how how to change font size on amazon prime video and make small subtitles big.

Captioning is a term used for the text displayed on the screen to help people with hard hearing understand important audio content. It also helps older adults in understanding the audio content with ease. Nowadays, people watch Amazon Prime, Netflix and other streaming services to watch new content as well as to relive the old moments with classics. You can also change the font size on Amazon Prime, Netflix and more. If you are having a hard time changing the font size on Amazon Prime, read on!

In this post, we will discuss how to adjust closed captions on Amazon Prime video in detail.

How To Change Subtitle Size On Amazon Prime Video When Amazon Prime Subtitles Too Small

Using these steps you can enlarge the small subtitles size on Amazon prime

Step 1. Turn on the computer that has an Amazon Prime account logged in. From the home page, navigate to the downward-facing arrow from the right-hand side corner. Click on it.

Step 2. Select Account Settings.

Amazon Prime Video

Step 3. Under the Account Settings page, you will get a tab Subtitles. Click on it.

Amazon Prime Video

Step 4. From the Subtitles page, click on Edit under Subtitle Preset 1 or 2.

Step 5. You will get options to change the color, font type, font size, background and more.

Change subtitle size on Amazon Prime Video

Step 6. Make the changes and click Save to make the changes permanent.

Step 7. Now turn on your TV, play any video from Amazon Prime. Go to the closed caption button (the one that says CC).

Step 8. Press Select.

Step 9. Now, choose a preferred caption size, and also select the preset that you have customized on your computer.

So, in this way you can adjust closed captioning on Amazon Prime video and change subtitles font size if the are too small to read from your computer.

Adjust Closed Captioning on Apple TV

Apple comes with its own closed captioning customization features that work across all the apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. To edit closed captioning on Apple TV, follow these steps:

Step 1. Locate Settings app (gear icon) on your Apple TV. Now select General from the menu.

Step 2. Now from the menu, choose Accessibility.

Step 3. Click Subtitles and Captioning.

Step 4. Check whether the closed captioning option is turned on. However, you can also click Style, which has four presets, either select from them or make changes on your own.

Step 5. On the other hand, if you want to increase the font size of closed captions, the Large Text preset will work. As you select large text on Apple TV, the closed captions/subtitles will appear larger on your streaming apps.

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In this way, you can adjust closed captioning on Apple TV and make Amazon Prime video’s Small Subtitles large

So, these are ways to modify or edit closed captioning on your computer and Apple TV. Try it and get a larger text of closed captioning when you stream videos on Amazon Prime.


  • Srishti Sisodia
    Thank you for your comment and suggestion.

    3 years ago Reply
  • Elaine
    I followed everything to customize my cc, etc. but I still have a problem. I’ve been watching this one program for 3-1/2 seasons. With closed captioning. One day I clicked on the cc icon on the upper rh corner and it changed to lines instead of cc. What happen? I now no longer have cc for this program…even the ones I watched before with cc. When I click on the icon, it show subtitles, off…whivh has a check mark…, english (cc) , audio and default..which is also checked.
    When I click on English (cc) and go back to my program, it still doesn’t have cc. Went back to the cc icon and it’s back at off again. How do I leave it on? Thus is very frustrating because I’m very hard of hearing and cc is the only way I can understand what they’re trying to say. HELP!!!!

    3 years ago Reply
    • Srishti Sisodia
      Hello Elaine,

      I can understand your concern. If you don’t see the closed captions for a video, there might be a chance that the video doesn’t have it or CC might have been removed by the publisher. However, if you don’t think that’s the case, please try to reinstall and login the Amazon Prime again.

      3 years ago Reply
  • Lisa
    Hi I’m watching Jack Ryan and it’s mostly in English but when the other culture is talking the caption is in their language. It’s har to watch when I can’t understand what they are saying. Is there a way to change their language to English?

    3 years ago Reply
    • Srishti Sisodia

      Thank you for your comment. I am sorry for the inconvenience but the subtitles for the foreign language is not available on Amazon that’s you can’t see the CC for the same.

      3 years ago Reply
  • Phyllis Shearer
    I can barely read the tiny closed captioning on amazon prime on my tv. I have made the adjustments but when i go back to my movie the size has not changed. Help! I’m 76 and need all the help I can get! Thank you!

    3 years ago Reply
  • Keith Woznesensky
    I have tried everything to get c/c and subtitles in English I went through the resetting process and even though the English box is checked they are coming in in German

    3 years ago Reply
  • Colton
    Yo does hunters not have closed cAptioning ? It reverts to off every time I select on and return to the show. I can’t understNd al Pacino at all, and this is super frustrating as I watch all shows with close captioning. Help please… cause quite frankly this is wack and ill cancel and won’t watch if I can’t read the dialogue. Netflix has cc available on EVERY program.

    3 years ago Reply
  • Stephen
    Phyllis, if you are watching prime on a smart TV app, you will have to change the closed captioning in the settings on your TV. Look online for the instructions how to do this for your particular make of TV.

    3 years ago Reply
  • Prescelia Dueck
    I have tried every suggestion however on my smart tv it will not allow me access to the settings.

    3 years ago Reply
  • Srini
    I did this exactly but the personalized settings aren’t appearing clearly on my tv even if I have edited them.
    Do you know what I can do to get them appear on tv?

    3 years ago Reply
  • carole
    why do you have to make it so dam difficult to change captioning. i have to write all the instructions down to get to the required sight this is 2020 its not rocket science

    2 years ago Reply
  • Camila Saunders
    Hey! It is a relevant blog for movie lovers but can you please let me know that how we can do the same thing while watching Netflix?

    2 years ago Reply
  • cem
    I think this is big failure for amazonvideos.. First of all, it’s not user friendly to go to web site to makr change. Furhermore, eve if you do that, it doesnt work. You cannot change default preset into your edits. It’s a disaster !!

    2 years ago Reply
  • Lori
    Excellent! Worked perfectly! I selected LARGE FONT!

    2 years ago Reply

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