How to Mirror Screen Between Two Smartphones-Screen Mirroring Apps

There are many reasons for which we need to mirror the screen of our Android phone to another Android smartphone. Maybe to troubleshoot your friend’s phone, or to view the same video with your friend in-sync with, or to sync music to boost the volume.

You might also find hundreds of applications that claim to mirror your smartphone’s screen to TV or computer, but is it possible to mirror screen on one smartphone to another smartphone? The answer is yes! Although might face difficulty finding an in-built feature to do so.

However, this is totally possible with the help of a third-party app and some other work arounds. Here are some simple ways to mirror screen between two smartphones.

Sharing screen between two Android phones:

There are many Screen mirroring apps on google play store which can help you to share screen between two Android phones here we are describing one of them and its working.

  1. Download and install screen share application from the given link.

Sharing screen between two Android phones-1

  1. Once you are done with download and installation process you will get two options on the home screen of the app. One of them can help you to share your phone’s screen the other one can help to see screen of any other phone.
  2. In the next step you need to send the code or enter the code to get connected with your friend after entering the code correctly you will be connected and you can see or share your screen.
  3. You can end session anytime by going to Options.

Mirroring screen between an iPhone and an Android device:

Same as for Android device for iOS you will also need a third-party application to mirror screen so here are some cross-platform mirroring apps you can install them both on iOS and Android devices to Mirror screen between two smartphones.

1. Apower Mirror:

The application is a powerful tool to mirror almost any device to any device. It can be download on Android and iOS devices from the given links.



Apower Mirror-1

Once you are done with download an installation you can proceed with the setup process in which you can configure the screen sharing in some simple steps after that your iPhone screen will be mirrored on an Android device.

2. Reflector 2 for Android:

Another Screen mirroring app which can be used to share your iPhone’s screen on Android is Reflector 2 it works on a different model. It converts Android device into an airplay receiver device and then an iPhone user can share its screen on Android device. Here is how this app works.

  1. Download and install the app from the given link. On Android

Reflector 2 for Android-2

you do not need to install the app on iOS device.

  1. After the completion of installation on Android device you need to set up device name and a password.
  2. Now you need to connect your iPhone to WIFI which you have just named and then you will be able to connect Mirror your iPhone screen on another Android

3. Sync Music between two smartphones:

If you are with your friends and you are in a party mood but do not have large speakers then you can sync music with your smartphones and can enjoy the music in louder voice.

Amp me is a free application for Android and iPhone users which can help to sync music between Android and iOS devices. Which is not actually a screen mirroring app but can solve this purpose very well.

You can download this app from here.



Sync Music between two smartphones

The application allows you to sync songs with your friends also you can include Bluetooth or WIFI speakers in your music network.

This is how you can enjoy your favorite movie or favorite videos with your friends even when you are travelling by mirroring screen of your smartphone.

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