How To Make Downloads Faster On Mac | Tips To Increase Download Speed (2023)

Several things can contribute to slow download speed and figuring out the underlying problem can be tricky. Of course, the speed of Internet connection depends on the network capabilities your ISP offers, but sometimes technical difficulties with Mac and apps running in the background can also hog your network bandwidth and result in slower connection speeds.

Why Is My Download Speed So Slow?

There could be numerous factors that might be causing slow downloads on your Mac. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Junk files & caches
  • Using an outdated or slow web browser
  • Malware issues
  • Unstable network
  • Memory issues
  • Problems with the site you are downloading from

Now that we are aware of the slow download speeds, let’s check the upload & download speed on your Mac.

How To Tell Your Upload & Download Speed On Mac?

To check the current upload and download speeds on your Mac can help you determine if it’s the Mac programs & applications to be blamed for slower download speeds or it is something else.

1. Launch Finder and head towards the Applications section.

2. Open the Utilities folder and navigate to the Activity Monitor app.

3. Now head towards the Network tab from the Activity Monitor to check the Upload and Download speed of your Mac.

How To Make Downloads Faster On Mac


Data Sent/Sec indicates the Upload Speed while Data Received/Sec indicates the Download Speed. If you are tired of the slow speed, move on to read the fixes to troubleshoot the issue.

How To Increase Download Speed On Mac?

Here are a few simple steps you can take to make downloads faster on Mac:

1. Clean Junk Files & Caches (Top-Notch Solution)

Slow file downloading can be caused if your Mac is clogged up with junk files and caches which have occupied tons of space. Hence, you need to perform a thorough system cleaning to remove obsolete files, residues, caches, and junk on your Mac.

  • Install Disk Clean Pro. It’s an excellent Mac cleaning & optimization utility that offers a unique set of features to detect junk, unused files, cookies, history, app caches, and more.
  • From the main dashboard, hit the Start System Scan button and let the software automatically detect potential threats and files that can slow down browser speed and the entire Operating System.

Disk Clean Pro

  • Click on the Clean Now option to remove potentially unwanted items.

Disk Clean Pro

Know more about Disk Clean Pro in this detailed review!

2. Update Or Replace Your Browser

The process of checking and installing the newest versions varies according to the browser you use. For instance, if you are working with Safari, it will be updated via the Software Update utility from System Preferences. It will also tell you if your Mac is running an older version of macOS. If you have any new updates available, you can install them as well by following the path: Apple menu > About this Mac > Software Update.

Update Or Replace Your Browser

If you are using Google Chrome, Brave, or other browsers, you need to update them from within the application. Once you start running the latest versions, hopefully, it increases the download speed on Mac.

3. Disable Browser Extensions & Close Unnecessary Tabs

Browser extensions can certainly be very useful to increase productivity and ease your daily operations. But they can hog lots of system resources and downgrade the download speed on your Mac. So, if you are struggling with slow issues, instantly close the unnecessary opened tabs to release occupied memory. Also, removing useless browser extensions can help in increasing download speed.

Since multiple add-ons can create conflict with each other and make your browser sluggish performance. You must remove extensions on Mac. For instance, if you are using Safari > Preferences. Head towards the Extensions tab and start removing the add-ons you don’t wish to use anymore. Click the Uninstall button to complete the process!

Disable Browser Extensions & Close Unnecessary Tabs

Still, struggling with slow download speed on Mac? Check out more workarounds to make downloads faster!

4. Disable Other Devices Connected To Your Router

The more users and devices you have connected to your Internet network, the slower the connection will be. Whenever you are facing slow download speeds on Mac, try disconnecting your devices such as iPhone, iPad, Smart TVs for the time being. Check whether it increases the download speed on your Mac or not.

Disable Other Devices Connected To Your Router

5. Accelerate Download Speed On Mac Using Third-Party Apps

There are a plethora of Mac applications that can help you make downloads faster. One of the most recommended solutions for the purpose is Folx. It is one of the most popular and useful download managers for macOS. It uses advanced algorithms to split the downloads into threads and fetch them from multiple sources at a time, which in turn, helps to achieve faster speed while downloading something.

Here’s how Folx can help you increase download speed on Mac: 

  1. Launch Folx on your Mac.
  2. Add a Download task to it. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the downloads will get split into threads automatically to increase the download speed.
  3. You should wait for the files to get downloaded, or you can manually set up several threads to speed up the download process according to your wish.
  4. Set the number between 2 and 20 in the Split into field.
  5. Hit the OK button to save the changes!

Accelerate Download Speed On Mac Using Third-Party Apps 

Folx offers both free and paid versions. To know what comes with the PRO version, check out the website here!

This was all folks! Hope these tactics help you to improve the speed and you can make faster downloads on your Mac. If you know any more such tips to boost the speed, do mention them in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Fast Download Speed?

Usually, 25 MBPS is considered to be a good Internet speed. Hence, your Mac can handle multiple simultaneous online activities without interruptions.

Q2. What Affects Download Speed?

Well, both Distance & Congestion between your computer and the server can affect both Upload and Download Speed.

Q3. Which Computer Part Affects The Download Speed?

Hardware is responsible for the download speed. It depends on your network equipment – Router and cable.



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    Activity Monitor is a great tool from Mac, apart from that use an antimalwre to check if the presence a malicious file is making your Mac slow.

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