How To Make A PDF Non-Editable Using Advanced PDF Manager

When documents were accessed from other computers or printed, they would lose design-related information due to compatibility and accessibility problems. This is why the PDF format was developed. But as time passed, this format became safer and offered users a better reading and editing experience. To restrict users from accessing the computer, some programs used cryptographic approaches.

While this technique was challenging to carry out, it was also challenging to change. This suggests that even if you could prevent someone from opening a document with the password or cryptographic key, they could still change it.


How to Make a PDF Non-Editable Using Advanced PDF Manager

Step 1: Use the link below or the official website to download and install Advanced PDF Manager.

Step 2: After the software has been installed, run it. You will be given the option to either buy it or utilize the 14-day trial version. Select “Continue Free Trial” from the menu.

Continue Free Trial

Step 3: Find the PDF you wish to password-protect and click Protect PDF.

Protect PDF

Step 4: Once the PDF file opens in the app interface, you can make a few changes like duplicate pages, rotating, or splitting the PDF.

Step 5: Then click on Protect icon on the top and enter any password of your choice.

Protect icon

Step 6: Click the Protect Button, and your PDF can now be opened only with a password.

Other Ways To Make Your PDF Non-Editable

1. PDF to Image conversion

PDF to Image conversion

Converting the PDF file to an image is an old-fashioned hack. The content in the PDF format can be recognized. Anywhere in the document can be easily clicked to begin writing, deleting, or modifying. However, when a document containing text or numbers is converted to an image, the document treats text or numbers as images and ignores them.

2. Snap a picture of these PDF pages

By breaking up your documents into smaller pieces, you can share them with others without risking their exposure to modification. You can provide the essential details and apply the appropriate security measures to each clipping by taking screenshots of specific document areas.

The Best PDF Manager For Managing Your PDF Files is Advanced PDF Manager

Advanced PDF Manager.

If you need a basic PDF manager to perform simple tasks like rotating pages, adding or removing pages, or dividing and combining PDFs, pick Advanced PDF Manager. The program’s features are listed here to assist you in deciding whether or not you still require it.

You can add or remove pages. Advanced PDF Manager users have the option to remove excess pages from PDF files and add new ones.

The pages can be turned and moved. This allows users to organize the pages in any order and rotate them 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

You can add or remove passwords. A password that never expires can be made. Your PDF can only be viewed and accessed by people who know the passcode. If you want to distribute a password-protected PDF to a large group of people, you can erase the password.

Divide and combine a PDF. With the help of Advanced PDF Manager, you can divide a large PDF file into multiple smaller ones or combine several PDF files into one.

Additional Activities. Advanced PDF Manager can also view, read, and print PDF files.

The Final Word: How to Make a PDF Non-Editable

Daily duties are made easier by digital documents, which also speed up the process of producing outcomes of a higher caliber. The fact that digital papers can be altered or faked if we don’t protect them must always be kept in mind. Thanks to tools like Advanced PDF Manager, you may use some of the most advanced security measures to safeguard your PDF documents.

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