How to Enable Google Chrome’s Screenshot Tool

A screenshot tool is one popular browser feature that Google Chrome doesn’t have. Using this feature, users can take screenshots of webpages using browser screenshot features. Although Google’s flagship browser Chrome doesn’t now have a fully functional snapping tool, it included experimental screenshot functionality this year, i.e., 2022.

Users of Chrome’s two experimental screenshot capabilities can take and modify pictures right inside the browser. They continue to function rather effectively despite not yet being standard features. This is how to use and activate Google Chrome’s experimental screenshot features.

How to Enable Google Chrome’s Screenshot Tool

You can select certain rectangular parts of pages to be captured using Chrome’s experimental screen-capturing tool. Your screenshots are saved to the Windows clipboard.

Step 1: Launch the Google Chrome browser and open a new tab.

Step 2: Type chrome:/flags/ into the webpage URL box in Chrome.

chrome screenshot tool

Step 3: To access the Experiments tab, hit Enter.

Step 4: Type the word screenshot in the search field at the top of Chrome’s Experiments tab.

chrome screenshot tool

Step 5: On the drop-down selection for Desktop Screenshots, choose Enabled. At the same time, select Enabled for the second option that says Desktop Screenshots Edit Mode.

chrome screenshot tool

Step 6: Select the appearing blue “Relaunch” button. Launch the website from which you want to take a screenshot. Select the Share this page option on the Chrome URL bar’s right side.

google chrome screenshot tool

Step 7: Then, choose the new Screenshot option from the menu directly below.

google chrome screenshot

Step 8: Once you’ve chosen that option, your active webpage will become darker.

Step 9: Place the cursor where you want to take a screenshot on the page, then click and hold the left mouse button. Release the left button after dragging the rectangle across the webpage portion you want to include in the screenshot.

google chrome screenshot

Step 10: The Google Chrome browser will display a screenshot copy box with a piece of the image you just took a screenshot of. To download the image, click the Download option there. Alternately, launch an image editor like MS Paint and paste it using Ctrl + V.

google chrome screenshot tool

Step 11: You’ll note that the Screenshot Copied box now has an Edit option after taking the screenshot. To open the editor, click the Edit icon.

Step 12: Click the Arrow button to add additional pointers to your screenshot. Drag the slider in the bar to change the line’s thickness after selecting a color. To add an arrow, move the pointer over the image while keeping the left mouse button down.

google chrome screenshot tool

Step 13: Circles and squares can be similarly added to screenshots. To select a color for the outlines of a rectangle or an ellipse, click one of those icons. To add the shapes, move the pointer over the picture.

Step 14: Click the Text button to add some words to an image. The slider on the bar can be moved to change the text size. Click on the image to create a text box, then pick a color and font style. Then you can type something in the text field.

google chrome screenshot

Step 15: Users can apply some free-form painting to their photos using the editor’s Brush feature. To change the paintbrush thickness and choose a color, click Brush on the editor’s toolbar. Holding the left mouse button while gliding the pointer over image regions will add some paint.

An Excellent Screenshot Tool – Advanced Screen Capture

google chrome screenshot

The greatest method for taking screenshots, editing them, and producing results. Advanced Screen Capture allows you to take screenshots of an active window, the entire screen, or any rectangle area. Scaling, highlighting, and cropping are some of the fundamental editing features supported.

A picture of the whole screen. You can use it to grab an entire page from your active browser.

Window capture in action. If you have a lot of windows open, take a picture of one that is currently active.

Edit images. Images can be created, and screenshots can be modified using a wide range of efficient image processing techniques. Images can be made better by modifying and annotating them.

google chrome screenshot

Choose a location. Choose the region or area you want to capture from the active window.

capture a window that is scrolling. You can quickly and easily retrieve everything by scrolling the window or webpage.

The screen’s color picker. Colors can be selected from screen images or copied from color codes to make creation easier.

google chrome screenshot tool

Employ in business. Make a video presentation or a web conference recording so that your software can be assessed later. For convenience, it also records audio commentary and webcam stream.

google chrome screenshot tool

The Final Word On How to Enable Google Chrome’s Screenshot Tool

It’s probably time for Google to include a screenshot tool in Chrome. Google Chrome’s experimental screenshot and edit mode facilities may soon become standard functionality. By turning on the Desktop Screenshots flag, you can start taking pictures in Google’s main browser for the time being. Or you can alternatively use Advanced Screen Recorder to capture screenshots in a much better manner, like the active window only or scrolling screenshots.

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